Annual Plus  Subscription

Includes a 1-year Fictionary subscription,

a 20,000-word story evaluation &

1-1 editing support from Kristina.

Have you written your first draft and need some insight?

With the $600 Annual Plus plan, you get a $200 Annual Fictionary subscription and a 20,000-word story evaluation for $400 ($0.02/word).

You’ll also get advice from Kristina Stanley, creator of Fictionary, bestselling author and editor, on how to work through the rest of your manuscript within Fictionary. You’ll learn all you need to know to tell better stories.

Sign up for the Annual Plan and let us know you’d like the Annual Plus program. We’ll get you set up.

What is a story evaluation?

Kristina will:

Comment on the content and structure of your manuscript focussing on characters, plot, and settings for the first 20,000 words.

Give you steps to follow to improve the rest of the manuscript using Fictionary.

Answer any questions you have about the evaluation.

Strongly Recommended!


“Kristina was encouraging and always mindful of the author’s intent, and I enjoyed the interactions – a pleasant experience after a previous editor who was rigid and controlling. I got good value for money.”

Iain Stewart – Author

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