Key Elements per Scene Report

This report provides you with lots of flexibility to see all the data you have captured when evaluating your scenes. Grouping related elements will help you evaluate each scene and rewrite it as needed.

The default report lists the following key elements on a scene by scene basis:

  • Characters
  • Point Of View
  • Scene Name
  • Location


Using the “Pick Key Elements of Fiction” button to select additional elements, the following tips will help you evaluate and work on:

1. Story Flow
2. Point of View Character Goals
3. Tension and Conflict

Story Flow

The flow of your novel depends on leading the reader into and out of your scenes. Feedback helps you work on how you’re entering and exiting scenes. You can quickly see if you’re using repetitive opening and closing types that might bore your reader. You can ensure you’ve used dramatic entry and exit hooks to get the reader into the next scene and keep them there.

To evaluate Story Flow, select:
• Scene Name
• Opening Type
• Closing Type
• Entry Hook
• Exit Hook

Point of View Character Goals

You can see the Point of View character goals per scene and ensure your characters have strong goals in every scene that drive the story forward. To evaluate Point of View Character Goals, select:

• Point of View
• Point of View Goal
• Scene Name

Tension and Conflict

Do you have enough tension and conflict in each scene? Too many scenes in a row without tension or conflict will bore your reader. To evaluate Tension and Conflict, select:

• Scene Name
• Tension
• Conflict


 The “Progress View” button allows you to quickly see your progress through the key elements.

  • The red cells indicate you haven’t considered an element for a scene.
  • The green cells indicate either you or Fictionary has considered the element for a scene.
  • To improve your manuscript, look for areas that are red. This will help you determine what areas to work on. Your goal is to turn all the cells green by considering all the Key Elements of Fiction!

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