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You sure can!  You can also export your edited manuscript back to a Word .docx file.

You’ll get the most value from Fictionary once you have a first draft completed. Don’t worry if your manuscript is not polished. Fictionary is intended to help you improve your story structure with a deep focus on Characters, Plot, and Settings. You can work on word choice and grammar after using Fictionary .

Fictionary can identify and help you fix problems within your manuscript by focusing on the structure of your story, not on the words. Some of the critical structural areas are:

  • Pacing
  • Character names and appearances
  • Point of view characters and goals
  • Story arc
  • Plot holes (scenes without a clear purpose)
  • Flow from scene to scene
  • Absence of tension or conflict
  • Empty stage syndrome
  • Confusing timelines or missing objects

Yes, but not at the same time. When you’ve finished with one manuscript, you are welcomed to start another one with the Reimport button located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. We’re working on a new feature to support multiple manuscripts at the same time and will let you know when it’s available.


Yes, we take the security of your manuscript very seriously with:

  • Encrypted password protected accounts
  • Application controls to restrict access of manuscript data only to the user who created the manuscript
  • Deployment on Google’s secure cloud infrastructure

Remember, don’t share your password with anyone.

You retain the full rights to your manuscript. We make no claims on your work.


If your free trial ended, please email us at: and we will get you setup!

Fictionary is available for $20 USD / Month on a subscription basis. Use Fictionary for as many months as you need to finish your novel. You can cancel at any time.

A whole year of Fictionary costs $200 USD. That’s two months for free!

Your manuscript will be deleted from Fictionary , and we will be a little sad 🙁  If you decide later that you want to subscribe, you can import your manuscript again and get going on that rewrite!

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

Yes you can, but your subscription will last until the end of your billing period so keep going!

Yes, all prices are in $US.  Send us an email if you know who Bob and Doug are.


Currently, Fictionary supports importing Microsoft Word .docx files. If you write in Scrivener, like Kristina does,  you can compile your manuscript as .docx and then import into Fictionary.

Fictionary works on Safari and Google Chrome (for Macs and PCs). 

Fictionary organizes your manuscript by chapter for you. To do this, the app searches for the word “Chapter” and displays your manuscript by Chapter and Scene.

Fictionary works when used from a laptop or desktop. We are going to make some of the features usable on smart phones at a later date.

A Scene Break Character is a keyboard character or group of characters that you’ve input in your manuscript between scenes in chapters with multiple scenes.

If you already have a scene break character in your manuscript, you can use that. If not, choose a scene break character that is unique in your manuscript and enter it between scenes. Do not use a scene break character at the end of a chapter or in chapters that only have one scene.

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