Fictionary: A New Online Tool To Turn Your First Draft Into A Great Story

Whether you’re a plotter or a panster, you’ve completed a first draft. Congratulations! Now what?

If you’re anything like me, you’re asking yourself:

  • Where do I start my manuscript rewrite?
  • How do I keep track of all the writing tips I’ve read and apply them to my story?
  • What should I change to make my story better?
  • Am I ready to share my manuscript with others?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that would help you

We’re building Fictionary, an app for writers that provides a guided approach to tackling comprehensive rewrites.

With Fictionary, you can focus on plot, character, and setting. You can evaluate on a scene-by-scene basis or on overall novel structure. Fictionary will show you the most important structural elements to work on first.

Fictionary will guide you through the rewriting process by asking you questions specific to your manuscript, enabling you to evaluate your own story.

Once you import your manuscript, Fictionary automatically captures information such as word count, number of scenes per chapter, character names, and chapter and scene breaks, using this information to create the first set of reports. Any updates to your manuscript will still need to be completed in the writing app you used to create your first draft.

Fictionary helps you visualize your manuscript. Forget about yellow stickies or white boards. Fictionary will draw character arcs, provide reports on scene evaluation, and show your rewriting progress.

Fictionary is a learning tool. If you’re having trouble with a certain element of fiction, just click on the rewrite tip associated with that element and find out how to improve your writing. There’s no need to search through dozens of writing books to find the piece of advice you need.

On the technical side, Fictionary will be a secure, web-based app. This means you will be able to access Fictionary from any device you use.

Our goal is to launch Fictionary in the spring of 2017. In order to create an app that is truly useful to writers, we’d like your input on building Fictionary. By signing up for early access, we’ll send you updates on the development progress and ask you the occasional question to help define the product.

UPDATE April 2018: Fictionary is now available online. 

As a bonus,Download our free eBook, Story Editing: Using The 15 Key Elements Of Fiction To Tell Better Stories and learn how big-picture editing is all about evaluating the major components of your story. We call these components the Key Elements Of Fiction.  Our eBook shows you how to use the key elements of fiction to evaluate your story and become your own big-picture editor.

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