The initial list of character names has been created from a scan of your manuscript.

  • The Cast of Characters page gives you the chance to update your character list by deleting, merging, or adding characters.
  • Fictionary automatically generates the Scenes Per Character and Characters Per Scene reports when your novel is imported. Fictionary does its best to list all of your characters and link them to scenes. For the automated reports to be valuable, the Cast of Characters must be accurate.


 Set as Single POV Character– if you’ve written your novel from a single point of view, select the checkbox next to this character name and click the “Set as Single POV” Character button.

 Add Character – if you have a character name in your manuscript that was not automatically identified, click the “Add Character” button.

 Delete Selected Characters – for incorrectly identified characters, select the check boxes next to the character names and click the “Delete Selected Characters” button.

 Merge Selected Characters – in the screen shot to the right, Amber Cristelli and Cristelli both show up. This is the same character. Merge them by selecting both names (checkboxes) and click the “Merge Selected Characters” button.

 View Character’s 1st Scene – if you’re not sure who a character is, click the “View Character’s 1st Scene” button and view the first scene that character appears in.

 Save – if you make any changes to the spelling of Character names, please click on the “Save” button.


You’ll find the Cast of Characters useful for finding typos in names, and you’ll quickly see if you’ve used character names that are too similar to one another.

When you’re happy with your Cast of Characters, go to the Visualize page and check out the Scenes Per Character and Character Per Scenes reports.

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