Guide to the Story Arc

Fictionary displays both a Recommended Story Arc (brown line) based on word count and Your Story Arc (green line) by estimating which are your key event scenes.

  • Inciting Incident
  • Plot point 1
  • Middle
  • Plot point 2
  • Climax 

Hover over the dot beside each Story Arc event to see the scene number and click to see the scene text.

Go to the Plot element: Purpose of scene on the Evaluate Your Scenes page and confirm if this is indeed the correct scene for the event.

  • If it is the correct scene for the story arc event, great, you’re done, and you can see your Story Arc.
  • If not, then find the scene where that event occurred and set it as the Story Arc scene with the appropriate scene purpose. i.e. find the scene that is the correct Inciting Incident and choose Inciting Incident in the drop-down menu for Purpose of Scene.
  • Remember to go back to the scene that Fictionary estimated was a story arc event and change the purpose of that scene.

Have a look at the Story Arc again, and see how close you are to the recommended arc.

 You can also choose to view the Character Entry & Exit for any character name in your story. This is very helpful to ensure you know exactly when characters are entering and exiting your story in relation to the Story Arc.

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