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160 Adjectives That Start with L

adjectives that start with l

Are you ready to journey through a lush landscape of adjectives starting with the letter L? Sorry, I couldn’t resist a bit of alliteration there.

Choosing the perfect adjective for the perfect sentence is a daunting task, but in this article I’ll be sharing some of the most powerful L adjectives and showing you how you can use them to beef up your writing.

So, whether you’re trying to describe your characters more vividly, supercharge your descriptive sentences, or (like me) you’re just a word nerd who wants to expand their vocabulary, this article is for you.

I’ve broken down a list of 160 adjectives into categories so you can see where it’s best to use them in your writing. I’ve also wrapped up with my top three tips for how to use L adjectives to their greatest effect.

Ready to dive in?

Then let’s get started with all the positive ways you can describe things using adjectives that start with the letter L.

Positive Adjectives Starting with L

Here’s a list of positive adjectives starting with L you can use to describe all the lovely things about your characters:

  • Laudable: Praiseworthy and commendable
  • Laudatory: Expressing praise and admiration
  • Lavish: Luxurious and extravagant
  • Lean: Efficient and streamlined
  • Learned: Knowledgeable and scholarly
  • Legendary: Famous and celebrated
  • Legitimate: Genuine and lawful
  • Lenient: Compassionate and forgiving
  • Liberal: Open-minded and generous
  • Lighthearted: Cheerful and carefree
  • Likable: Pleasant and friendly
  • Literate: Well-read and knowledgeable
  • Lithe: Graceful and agile
  • Lively: Energetic and spirited
  • Lofty: Elevated and noble
  • Logical: Rational and reasonable
  • Lovable: Inspiring affection
  • Loving: Affectionate and caring
  • Lucent: Bright and shining
  • Lucid: Clear and intelligible
  • Lucrative: Profitable and rewarding
  • Luminous: Radiant and glowing
  • Lush: Luxuriant and rich
  • Lustrous: Shiny and glossy
  • Lusty: Strong and vigorous
  • Luxuriant: Abundant and rich
  • Lyrical: Expressive and poetic
  • Lucky: Fortunate and auspicious
  • Luminous: Reflecting light
  • Lyrical: Expressive and poetic

These positive adjectives that start with L can be used to describe various positive attributes of characters, making them more vivid and engaging for your readers.

positive L adjectives

Negative L Adjectives

Here’s a list of negative adjectives starting with L that you can use to describe challenging aspects of your characters:

  • Lackadaisical: Unenthusiastic and lazy
  • Lackluster: Dull and uninspired
  • Lame: Weak and unconvincing
  • Languid: Slow and listless
  • Languorous: Lethargic and sluggish
  • Lascivious: Lewd and lustful
  • Lazy: Indolent and idle
  • Leery: Suspicious and wary
  • Lethal: Deadly and dangerous
  • Lethargic: Sluggish and inactive
  • Lewd: Obscene and vulgar
  • Liable: Responsible and susceptible
  • Libelous: Defamatory and slanderous
  • Licentious: Immoral and unrestrained
  • Lifeless: Dull and unanimated
  • Lightweight: Insubstantial and trivial
  • Limited: Restricted and narrow
  • Listless: Indifferent and lethargic
  • Loathsome: Hateful and detestable
  • Lonely: Isolated and desolate
  • Lopsided: Uneven and unbalanced
  • Lousy: Awful and poor
  • Loveless: Unloving and cold
  • Lugubrious: Mournful and gloomy
  • Lukewarm: Tepid and unenthusiastic
  • Lurid: Shocking and sensational
  • Lurking: Hiding and sneaking
  • Lustful: Lecherous and prurient
  • Lying: Dishonest and deceitful
  • Lyrical: Overly sentimental and emotional

These adjectives can add depth to your characters by highlighting their flaws and challenges, making them more dynamic and relatable.

Neutral Adjectives with L

Here’s a list of neutral adjectives starting with L that you can use to describe various aspects of your characters in a non-biased way:

  • Labile: Unstable and changeable
  • Laborious: Requiring effort and time
  • Laconic: Brief and to the point
  • Lacustrine: Related to lakes
  • Languid: Weak and slow
  • Lateral: Side and related to the side
  • Latent: Hidden and dormant
  • Lawful: Conforming to the law
  • Legal: Lawful and legitimate
  • Legible: Readable and clear
  • Leisurely: Relaxed and unhurried
  • Lethargic: Sluggish and inactive
  • Liberal: Generous and open-minded
  • Ligneous: Resembling wood
  • Linear: Straight and sequential
  • Lingual: Related to language
  • Literate: Able to read and write
  • Lithe: Flexible and supple
  • Livid: Discolored and bruised
  • Local: Near and familiar
  • Lofty: High and elevated
  • Logical: Reasonable and rational
  • Lone: Single and solitary
  • Longevity: Long-lasting and enduring
  • Lucid: Clear and easy to understand
  • Luminous: Emitting light and bright
  • Lunar: Related to the moon
  • Lyrical: Expressive and poetic

These adjectives provide clear and neutral descriptions you can apply in various contexts to describe characters without imparting a strong positive or negative bias.

Unique Describing Words That Start with L

Here’s a list of unusual adjectives starting with L you can use to add distinctive descriptions to your writing:

  • Labyrinthine: Complex and maze-like
  • Lachrymose: Tearful and weepy
  • Lacustrine: Related to lakes
  • Lambent: Softly glowing and flickering
  • Lapidary: Related to stone-cutting or engraving
  • Lascivious: Lewd and lustful
  • Latitudinarian: Permissive and broad-minded
  • Laudatory: Expressing praise and commendation
  • Lepidopterous: Related to butterflies and moths
  • Leptosomatic: Slender and delicate
  • Leucistic: Having reduced pigmentation
  • Levitative: Tending to rise or float in the air
  • Ligneous: Woody and resembling wood
  • Lilliputian: Extremely small and tiny
  • Limacine: Sluggish and resembling a slug
  • Liminal: Relating to a transitional stage
  • Lincolnesque: Resembling Abraham Lincoln
  • Lissome: Graceful and flexible
  • Lithic: Pertaining to stone
  • Lobate: Having lobes
  • Lugubrious: Mournful and gloomy
  • Luminiferous: Emitting or producing light
  • Lurdan: Lazy and sluggish
  • Lustral: Related to purification or cleansing
  • Luxuriant: Richly abundant and lush
  • Lyrate: Shaped like a lyre
  • Lysogenic: Causing the disintegration of cells
  • Lyophilic: Having an affinity for water
  • Lyric: Expressive and poetic

These unusual adjectives can provide distinctive and rich descriptions, adding depth and uniqueness to your characters and settings.

unique L adjectives

Words That Start with L to Describe Someone

Here’s a list of adjectives starting with L you can use to describe someone, making your characters more vivid and engaging:

  • Ladylike: Polite and refined
  • Lamentable: Regrettable and unfortunate
  • Languid: Relaxed and unenergetic
  • Lanky: Tall and thin
  • Lavish: Extravagant and luxurious
  • Lawful: Legal and legitimate
  • Lazy: Unmotivated and idle
  • Lecherous: Lustful and lewd
  • Leery: Suspicious and cautious
  • Legendary: Famous and iconic
  • Lethargic: Sluggish and drowsy
  • Level-headed: Calm and sensible
  • Lewd: Obscene and indecent
  • Liberal: Open-minded and generous
  • Lifeless: Inanimate and dull
  • Light-hearted: Cheerful and carefree
  • Likeable: Pleasant and agreeable
  • Lithe: Agile and graceful
  • Lively: Energetic and animated
  • Lofty: Tall and impressive
  • Logical: Reasonable and rational
  • Loquacious: Talkative and chatty
  • Lovable: Endearing and charming
  • Loyal: Faithful and devoted
  • Lucid: Clear and understandable
  • Lucky: Fortunate and blessed
  • Lugubrious: Mournful and gloomy
  • Luminous: Radiant and glowing
  • Lyrical: Expressive and poetic

These adjectives provide a varied selection for describing individuals, enhancing the depth and dimension of your characters.

Professional Descriptive Words That Start with L

Here’s a targeted list of professional adjectives starting with L, which are perfect for describing professional behavior:

  • Laborious: Hardworking and diligent
  • Laudable: Praiseworthy and commendable
  • Leader-like: Authoritative and commanding
  • Legitimate: Lawful and valid
  • Level-headed: Calm and sensible
  • Logical: Reasonable and rational
  • Loyal: Faithful and dedicated
  • Lucid: Clear and understandable
  • Luminous: Bright and inspiring
  • Lynx-eyed: Keen-sighted and observant

These professional adjectives will help you describe the professional behaviors and traits of your characters, adding depth and specificity to their roles in your narrative.

Tips for Using Adjectives That Begin with L

Here are my top three tips for using adjectives that begin with L to strengthen your prose.

Tip 1: Leverage Layers

When using adjectives that start with L in your writing, try to layer them. By doing this, you’ll add extra depth and complexity to your descriptions.

For instance, you could just describe a character as “luminous,” a fine description on its own. But let’s say you wanted to deepen that description and add a further layer to describe the character. You could say they are “luminous and lively,” painting a more vivid picture of who that person is.

This technique helps you create richness in your narrative and gives readers unexpected descriptions.

Tip 2: Let Context Guide You

Context is always important when it comes to the use of adjectives. Depending on which adjective you use, and in what context, it might have both positive and negative connotations. So, if you’re describing something a character does as “leisurely,” the meaning would change depending on the situation.

If your character was sunning themselves on a tropical beach while sipping cocktails, doing so leisurely would be appropriate, given the situation. If your character is a journalist and the article they’re working on has a tight deadline, then approaching that article in a leisurely fashion would be inappropriate.

Context is king.

Tip 3: Look for Opportunities to Use Alliteration

Alliteration can be a really handy tool, when used sparingly, to create rhythmic and memorable sentences readers adore. Alliterative phrases are pleasing to the ear and can make your prose more engaging.

For example, the phrase “lonely lunar landscape” is lyrical, but it also tells us something about the barren surface of the moon.

By mastering these top tips, you can use L adjectives to their fullest potential and enrich your writing.

And finally, always remember that story comes first. Before worrying about the perfect adjective to use, it’s best to focus on:

  • Creating engaging characters
  • Penning an interesting plot
  • Structuring solid settings

A tool like Fictionary helps you turn your draft into an interesting story readers love. So, with the right adjectives and a strong narrative foundation, your writing can truly shine.

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