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210 Adjectives That Start with T to Use in Writing

adjectives that start with t

A top-notch adjective can create thrilling descriptions, but a time-worn one can undercut your writing. 

Getting the right adjective is a matter of meaning, tone, sound, and suitability. If you have stumbled across a place in your writing that is calling out for an adjective that begins with T, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve done the hard work and compiled a list of over 200 adjectives that start with T. To make it easier for you to find the perfect one, we’ve split them into categories, including positive, professional, neutral and negative. You can either read all the lists if you aren’t sure what you want, or you can skip straight to the best category for you. 

Positive Adjectives That Start with T

Let’s start with positive adjectives. These are perfect for romances, softer moments in your plot, and describing the characters you are partial to. 

  • Tactful: diplomatic, discreet
  • Talented: skilled, gifted
  • Talismanic: magical, protective
  • Tantalizing: tempting, enticing
  • Tasteful: elegant, refined
  • Teeming: abundant, overflowing
  • Tenacious: persistent, determined
  • Tender: gentle, affectionate
  • Tenfold: multiplied by ten
  • Thankful: grateful, appreciative
  • Thoughtful: considerate, caring
  • Thrifty: economical, frugal
  • Thrilling: exciting, exhilarating
  • Thriving: flourishing, prospering
  • Tidy: neat, organized
  • Time-honored: traditional, respected
  • Timeless: enduring, eternal
  • Tingly: exciting, stimulating
  • Titillating: arousing, stimulating
  • Tolerable: acceptable, bearable
  • Tolerant: accepting, open-minded
  • Tonic: invigorating, refreshing
  • Top-notch: excellent, superior
  • Tranquil: calm, peaceful
  • Transcendent: surpassing, exceptional
  • Transformative: life-changing, revolutionary
  • Transparent: clear, honest
  • Trenchant: clear-cut, precise
  • Triangular: three-sided, geometric
  • Triumphant: victorious, successful
  • Triumvirate: powerful, united
  • Trusting: believing, faithful
  • Tumultuous: chaotic, disorderly

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Negative T Adjectives

Negative adjectives are just as important as positive adjectives, and they can highlight the contrast between your hero and antihero. 

  • Tacky: Cheap or tasteless
  • Tactless: Insensitive or blunt
  • Tainted: Contaminated or spoiled
  • Tangled: Confused or complicated
  • Tardy: Late or delayed
  • Tasteless: Unappetizing or flavorless
  • Tattered: Worn-out or dilapidated
  • Tawdry: Showy but cheap or worthless
  • Tedious: Dull or monotonous
  • Tepid: Mild or lukewarm
  • Terrible: Extremely bad or unpleasant
  • Terse: Abrupt or curt in speech
  • Testy: Easily irritated or annoyed
  • Thorny: Difficult or problematic
  • Timeworn: Worn-out or antiquated
  • Timid: Shy or fearful
  • Tiresome: Boring or annoying
  • Toilsome: Involving hard work or labor
  • Torpid: Sluggish or inactive
  • Torturous: Involving great suffering or pain
  • Toxic: Harmful or poisonous
  • Tragic: Causing great sorrow or distress
  • Transitory: Short-lived or temporary
  • Treacherous: Deceptive or dangerous
  • Trite: Banal or clichéd
  • Trivial: Unimportant or insignificant
  • Troublesome: Causing problems or difficulties
  • Tumultuous: Noisy or disorderly
  • Turbid: Cloudy or murky
  • Turbulent: Chaotic or disorderly
  • Turmoil: State of confusion or disorder
  • Twisted: Distorted or warped
  • Tyrannical: Oppressively controlling or dictatorial

Neutral Adjectives Starting with T

Maybe you don’t want to add an opinion to a description. In that case, a neutral adjective is a perfect option, leaving your reader to make their own decisions. 

  • Tactful: Diplomatic or considerate
  • Tactical: Strategic or calculated
  • Tactile: Relating to the sense of touch
  • Tangential: Barely relevant or peripheral
  • Tangible: Perceptible to the senses
  • Tautological: Redundant or repetitive
  • Technical: Relating to a specific skill or profession
  • Temporal: Relating to time or sequence
  • Tentative: Uncertain or hesitant
  • Tepid: Moderately warm or lukewarm
  • Terrestrial: Relating to Earth or land
  • Territorial: Relating to territory or land
  • Tertiary: Third in order or level
  • Testimonial: Involving personal testimony
  • Thematic: Relating to a theme or topic
  • Therapeutic: Having a healing or soothing effect
  • Thermal: Relating to heat or temperature
  • Tidy: Neat or organized
  • Timely: Occurring at an appropriate time
  • Tolerant: Willing to accept differences
  • Tonal: Relating to tone or pitch
  • Tonic: Giving a feeling of vigor or health
  • Topical: Relevant to current affairs
  • Tractable: Easily managed or controlled
  • Traditional: Conforming to long-established customs
  • Tranquil: Calm or peaceful
  • Transactional: Relating to business transactions
  • Transcendent: Beyond ordinary experience or perception
  • Transformative: Causing a significant change
  • Transient: Lasting for a short time
  • Transitional: Relating to a transition or change
  • Transitory: Fleeting or short-lived
  • Translucent: Partially transparent
  • Transparent: Clear or see-through
  • Trenchant: Sharp or incisive
  • Triangular: Having three sides or angles
  • Trivial: Of little importance or significance
  • Turbid: Cloudy or opaque
  • Turbulent: Unstable or tumultuous

T Words to Describe Someone

It’s so much easier to relate to a character that you can vividly picture as an individual. So here are 16 adjectives you can use to describe the physical characteristics and appearance of a character. 

  • Tall: Above average height
  • Tan: Sun-kissed skin complexion
  • Tattooed: Adorned with body art
  • Taut: Firm and tightly stretched
  • Tawny-haired: Golden or brownish hair
  • Teeny: Very small or diminutive
  • Thick-haired: Abundant or dense hair
  • Thick-set: Solidly built or sturdy
  • Thick-skulled: Dull or slow-witted
  • Tiny: Extremely small stature
  • Toned: Physically fit and muscular
  • Tousled: Messy or disheveled hair
  • Translucent-skinned: Skin with semi-transparent quality
  • Trim: Slim and well-proportioned
  • Tubby: Slightly overweight or chubby
  • Twiggy: Slender and thin physique

Character Traits That Start with T

Here are some more adjectives you can use to describe characters. In this case, they note the personality and actions of a person. 

  • Tactful: Considerate and diplomatic.
  • Talented: Skilled or gifted.
  • Talkative: Sociable and chatty.
  • Tenacious: Stubbornly persevering.
  • Tender: Kind and affectionate.
  • Thoughtful: Reflective and considerate.
  • Thought-provoking: Stimulating or intriguing.
  • Thrifty: Economical and frugal.
  • Thrilling: Exciting or exhilarating.
  • Thriving: Flourishing or successful.
  • Tidy: Neat and organized.
  • Tireless: Indefatigable and determined.
  • Tolerant: Patient and understanding.
  • Tough-minded: Resilient and determined.
  • Tranquil: Serene and calm.
  • Transparent: Open and honest.
  • Trendsetting: Innovative and influential.
  • Trendy: Fashionable or stylish.
  • Trustful: Gullible or naive.
  • Trustworthy: Reliable and dependable.

Professional Describing Words That Start with T

This is a subcategory of the previous category, and these adjectives can specifically be used to people in the workplace. 

  • Tactful: Diplomatic in communication
  • Tactical: Strategic in decision-making
  • Talented: Possessing exceptional skills
  • Task-focused: Concentrated on tasks
  • Teachable: Willing to learn and adapt
  • Team-oriented: Collaborative and cooperative
  • Team-player: Collaborative and supportive
  • Technical: Proficient in specialized knowledge
  • Tech-savvy: Proficient with technology
  • Tenacious: Determined and persistent
  • Tenured: Established and respected
  • Thorough: Meticulous attention to detail
  • Thoughtful: Considerate and empathetic
  • Thought-provoking: Stimulating ideas and discussion
  • Thrifty: Resourceful with finances
  • Timely: Prompt and punctual
  • Tireless: Hardworking and industrious
  • Tolerant: Accepting of diverse perspectives
  • Top-notch: Exemplary in quality
  • Trailblazing: Pioneering and innovative
  • Transformational: Able to drive change effectively
  • Transparent: Open and honest
  • Trend-conscious: Aware of industry trends
  • Trendsetting: Innovative and influential
  • Trust-building: Establishing trust with others
  • Trusting: Able to rely on others
  • Trustworthy: Dependable and reliable

Funny Words That Start with T

And finally, here are some unique and funny adjectives that can add a little humor to your descriptions. My personal favorite adjective is tickety-boo. 

  • Tatterdemalion: Ragged or unkempt in appearance
  • Tatty: Shabby or worn-out
  • Tawdry: Gaudy or cheaply attractive
  • Tentacled: Having tentacles or similar appendages
  • Tetchy: Easily irritated or annoyed
  • Thwacking: Striking or hitting forcefully
  • Tickety-boo: In good order or condition
  • Ticklish: Easily made to laugh
  • Tingling: Prickling or stinging sensation
  • Tintinnabulating: Producing a ringing sound
  • Tittering: Chuckling or snickering quietly
  • Tittery: Inclined to giggle or chuckle
  • Tittle-tattling: Gossiping or spreading rumors
  • Topsy-turvy: Upside down or in disarray
  • Transmogrified: Changed in a bizarre or magical way
  • Trembly: Shaking or trembling slightly
  • Tremendous: Extremely large or great
  • Tremulous: Trembling or quivering slightly
  • Trickish: Mischievous or sly
  • Trickling: Flowing slowly or steadily
  • Trickly: Prone to playing tricks
  • Tricksome: Mischievous or tricky
  • Tricksy: Full of tricks or deception
  • Trompe-l’oeil: Deceiving or optical illusion
  • Trysting: Meeting or rendezvous, especially secret
  • Tumultuary: Characterized by confusion or disorder
  • Tumultuous: Noisy and disorderly
  • Turbid: Cloudy or murky in appearance
  • Turbulent: Marked by unrest or agitation
  • Turtled: Overturned or flipped upside down
  • Twaddle-headed: Silly or nonsensical
  • Twangy: Having a sharp or nasal tone
  • Twee: Excessively quaint or cute
  • Tweedy: Resembling tweed fabric
  • Twinkly: Sparkling or shining brightly
  • Twizzle: To spin or twirl rapidly

Tips For Using Descriptive Words That Start with T

Adjectives can absolutely make or break a book. Not enough, and the characters and settings will fall flat. Too many, and your plot will be hidden in floral, overly complex language that will cause your reader to become confused. So, here are some quick tips for using adjectives in your writing. 

  • Show, Don’t Tell: Instead of telling your reader that the hero is fearful, show them how their hands shake, their breath quickens, and their eyes widen. 
  • Create Vivid Imagery: Engage all the senses of your readers to keep them engaged. For example, if your character is looking out to sea, describe the smell of chips, the birds cawing, the waves crashing, the taste of salt on the air, and  the feel of sand between their toes.
  • Experiment with Language: Don’t be afraid to experiment with language and explore new ways of using adjectives. Play with different metaphors, similes, and alliterations to convey your meaning perfectly. 
  • Edit and Revise: After writing, review your use of adjectives ruthlessly edit out all those that don’t pull their weight. 
  • Seek Feedback: Solicit feedback from beta readers, editors, or writing groups to gain insights into how effectively you’re using adjectives in your writing.

Finding like-minded readers who can provide feedback is easy in Fictionary’s Community, which is completely free to join. You can also get advice from professional editors, and learn from successful published authors. 

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