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New online course starts Monday, June 5th: 6 Weeks to Edit Your Novel



Feeling that writerly itch in your fingers and the thirst for words in your soul? Ready to buckle up and embark on a literary road trip unlike any other? Well, clear your calendars, folks, because this summer, we’re speeding down the sun-drenched highways of creative mastery with Fictionary.

There will be no ‘are we there yet?’ whining. No dreary detours.

Instead, it’s going to be an adrenaline-pumping, novel-nurturing adventure in the lush landscapes of storytelling wisdom.

The next Fictionary Live! course starts on Monday June 5th!

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6 Weeks to Edit Your Novel

Starting Monday, June 5, Lucy Cooke, the incredible Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editor, takes you on a step-by-step journey to create a solid revision plan for your raw manuscript.

As we explore each week’s destination, you’ll have everything you need to transform your first draft into a novel that will captivate your readers.

Week 1: Drafting a Revision Plan and Testing Your Story Structure

You can’t start a journey without a roadmap, and that’s precisely what we’re building in week 1. You’ll learn how to draft an effective revision plan and start testing your story’s structure. Consider this as checking the oil and tire pressure before hitting the open road.

Week 2: Constructing Scenes That Keep the Pages Turning

A story, much like a road trip, is all about the journey and not just the destination. In week 2, we’ll focus on creating scenes that make your readers buckle up tight and enjoy the ride.

Week 3: Building Characters That Captivate Readers

Any road trip is only as good as your travel companions. In week 3, we delve deep into the hearts and minds of your characters, crafting multifaceted personalities that will captivate your readers from the first page to the last.

Week 4: Ensuring Every Scene Packs a Punch

Week 4 is all about power. Scene power, that is. We’ll ensure that every scene in your story delivers the punch that keeps your readers on the edge of their seats, eager for more.

Week 5: Creating an Interesting Setting

Every road trip is defined by the sights along the way. In week 5, we’ll guide you in creating a setting that adds depth and richness to your story, making your fictional world as interesting as the characters that inhabit it.

Week 6: Final Review and Crafting Your Revision Plan

By week 6, we’re on the home stretch. We’ll review everything we’ve covered so far and help you craft your detailed revision plan. It’s like polishing your car before the grand parade. Your story deserves to shine.

How to Join Fictionary Live!

Join Fictionary Live

Now that you’re eager to join us on this literary adventure, let me share how you can secure your seat for Fictionary Live! The process is as easy as 1-2-3, and it all starts with an Annual Fictionary Software subscription.

Step 1: Annual Subscription to the Fictionary Software

Fictionary is your passport to a world of comprehensive and immersive story-editing.

Start by securing an Annual Subscription to the Fictionary Software. This gives you access to powerful features designed to help you craft interesting stories that readers love.

Step 2: Join the Fictionary Community

Next, you’ll want to become a member of the Fictionary Community. Don’t worry, joining this vibrant and supportive group of fellow writers and storytellers is absolutely free. Once you’re in, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of shared knowledge, resources, and discussions on all things writing. It’s a space where you can ask questions, share your progress, and learn from others’ experiences.

Step 3: Message Kristína Stanley

Once you’ve done the first two steps, it’s time to make it official. Send a direct message to Kristína Stanley within the Fictionary Community. She’ll confirm your Fictionary Software subscription and then, as the last step, add you to the student list for Fictionary Live!

And voila! You’re all set to embark on your Fictionary Live! courses. You’re now part of a dynamic community of passionate writers ready to elevate their storytelling to new heights. Welcome aboard!

Fictionary Live

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Phew, I’m breathless just talking about all these literary shenanigans. Maybe I need a cup of something soothing and a lie down…

But not before I wrap this up.
Conclusion: Fictionary is Your Fuel for Sensational Storytelling

We’re in this together, my fellow Fictionarians. We’re here to write stories readers love, to grow, to improve, to share, and to celebrate each other’s successes.

So, grab your Annual Subscription to the Fictionary software, sign up for our courses, and let’s turbo-charge this summer of storytelling. The open road of narrative mastery is calling, are you ready to answer?

I can’t wait to meet you all in the Fictionary Community.

Let’s ride!

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Article Written by Shane Millar

Shane Millar

Shane Millar is a Fictionary Certified Story Coach and the author of the Write Better Fiction craft guides. He is also the author of the Myth & Magic and Chosen Vampire urban fantasy thriller series.

Shane holds a BA in journalism and is a member of The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). He lives in Buckinghamshire, England.

He has taken too many writing courses to count and enjoys reading as much as possible. Shane is obsessed with five things: the writing craft, mythology, personal development, food, and martial arts movies.

Want to hire Shane to edit your novel? Visit: