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Blogs / The Advent Calendar for Writers Starts Today!

The Advent Calendar for Writers Starts Today!

Writers all across the globe look forward to this annual event – the biggest and best writing giveaway around: The Advent Calendar for Writers.

My new found friends at Writers Helping Writers have an amazing event going on that starts today with amazing prizes!

What exactly is an Advent Calendar for Writers?

You know those Advent Calendars with delicious chocolate behind each window, counting down to Christmas? Well, it’s like that, only cooler. MUCH COOLER.

$2300-worth-of-prizes cooler.

Fact: 2020 has NOT been a great year, but 14 industry leaders have come together to make sure it ends much better than it started! These generous sponsors are offering up INCREDIBLE PRIZES to ensure you have an adrenaline-fueled December, and maybe win yourself something awesome.

From December 1st to December 14th, Writers Helping Writers will display an Advent Calendar Window for you to click. This mysterious portal will take you to a NEW giveaway each day!

What sort of things might you find behind the advent window? Well maybe stuff like this:

Writers Helping Writers

14 Days. 15 Amazing prizes with a combined value fo over $2300

Writes Helping Writers

This event funs from Dec 1st to the 19th. Winners will be drawn on the 20th.

Don’t forget: check back each day to see what new Advent giveaway is waiting for you!

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