Miriam Dumitra’s Publishing Journey

Please welcome Miriam Dumitra, winner of the Fictionary Finish Your Novel Contest.

What did she win, you ask? She won a life-time subscription to Fictionary and a FriesenPress Launch Publishing Path.

Miriam is here to tell you about her journey. The illustrations she’s shared will be included in her upcoming novel.



Hi, my name’s Miriam Dumitra, and you probably haven’t heard of me. Yet.

If, perchance, you have heard of me, you might know that I recently won Fictionary’s Finish Your Novel Contest. What an experience! I distinctly remember going to bed disgruntled, grumpy, and tired, and waking up to a happily blinking you-have-mail message that declared me a soon-to-be published author.

It’s been one heck of a ride so far. I got in contact with my publisher, Friesenpress, and after a few weeks of self-editing turned my manuscript over to them. They now have an editor looking over it while I finish my book’s map and interior images. Turns out it takes a minimum of two weeks to get the feedback from the editor – that’s actually quicker than I expected.

Image Source: Miriam Dumitra

If you read my blurb on the post announcing the contest winners, you might have noticed my fantasy novel is entitled “Silas’ Hill”. I’ve known all along that this was just an interim title, but for weeks I couldn’t figure out what my real title should be. I’ve finally settled on The Search for a Source, which references both an in-world book title and my protagonist’s quest to fix her suddenly out-of-control magic.

To be honest, sometimes it’s hard not to get attached. I’ll get used to having my book, my title, even chapter names a certain way, only to get constructive feedback and move towards changing things. But part of this process is learning to let go. It’s taking the criticism and being flexible and willing to change.

I’ve learned that writing’s the easy part. Once the book is done, you’re only halfway there – I’ve spent at least as much time editing, illustrating, and formatting as I have writing. My publisher noted that it usually takes about five months to get a book out there, and that’s after it’s been written.


That being said, I’m currently aiming for an early September release. Details to follow just as soon as I know more myself. I’m excited to learn more about the process of publishing and look forward to the guidance of Friesenpress (and fellow authors I’ve connected with along the way) as I continue on this journey with The Search for a Source.

The Search for a Source

When her magic sparks out of control, a crippled Ideian mage is cast out from the library she calls home. Determined to return to researching the wars, Jenna embarks on a quest to fix her powers. Little does she know there are four others whose paths are destined to cross with hers.

The innocent arsonist. The reformed thief. The unwilling killer. The idealistic soldier. Each of them carries a piece of the secret that may unlock the true mystery behind the past wars – and the war still to come.



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