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StoryTeller instantly creates powerful visuals by analyzing your manuscript from start to finish.

Insights such as the Story Arc provide a 30,000-foot view of your manuscript and quickly highlight structural areas such as pacing, flow, empty stages that need improvement.

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Character List

The love of your characters will keep readers coming back. This element helps ensure you’re making the most of each character.


Whenever a character learns new information, they should make a decision or change their course of action. This gives you the opportunity to think of all the different ways they could react and choose the best course of action for your story


Touch is a good way to get the reader fo physically “feel” the story along with the characters.

38 Story Elements

Identified from extensive research into how people connect with stories, the 38 Fictionary Story Elements will open your mind to endless creative editing possibilities. Keep track of your characters, tighten your plot, and create engaging settings.

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Work scene-by-scene and cover each story element, choose one element and work through your entire story, or focus on one of Characters, Plot, or Settings.

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