Why the Story Edit is Crucial to Success

When you read a great book, what do you remember? A compelling character such as Jason Bourne, the intriguing plot of Gone Girl, or the fantastic settings in Game of Thrones.

In essence, you remember the story because of the characters, plot, or settings, not because of word choice or perfect grammar.

To create powerful stories that readers remember, you must master the skill and artistry of story editing.

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Three Fictionary Story Elements

If you work with just these 3 Story Elements, you will create a more powerful story. Learn and apply the fundamentals of story editing.

POV Character

When you choose a point of view character, you promise your readers they will experience the scene from that character's perspective.

Scene Purpose

There must always be a reason why any given scene exists in your story: that’s what we mean by its purpose. If a scene doesn’t drive the story forward, then ask yourself why it’s even in your novel.


Thinking about location in terms of emotional impact will wake up your creativity. Ask yourself how the location resonates with your POV character's emotional state.

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