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  How It Works

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Two Powerful Editing Tools…

…that work beautifully together to improve your writing from the technical and stylistic edits ProWritingAid finds to the amazing story and narrative development capabilities of Fictionary.

Perform your story edit and copy edit all in one place in the Fictionary web app with the ProWritingAid Chrome Extension.

Learn how ProWritingAid works in Fictionary

Read ProWritingAid’s In-Depth App Review of Fictionary

Story Editing Is Hard


Keeping track of your characters, plot, & settings is complicated.

Fictionary Makes It Easier

Story editing simplified with insightful visuals.

Fictionary Author Hits #1 On Amazon

BRIGHTSHADE, Miriam’s debut novel was edited using Fictionary and hit #1 on Amazon for Steampunk Science Fiction.

“Such a fantastic adventure story! Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading!” – Amazon Reviewer

Miriam R. Dumitra

Visualize Your Story

The Story Arc, Automated

Import your manuscript and Fictionary creates powerful visuals such as the Story Arc.

12 additional insights help you visualize and improve your story like never before.

Draft manuscripts of 25,000 words or more are ideal for using Fictionary!

Evaluate Your Story

Scene By Scene Evaluation

Evaluate your writing against 38 key story elements. Keep track of your characters, improve your plot, and create engaging settings.

A structured approach to story editing that makes every scene count. Say goodbye to those old sticky notes or index cards.

Improve Your Story

Editing Advice At Your Finger Tips

Insightful tips for improving your story exactly when you need them!

Common manuscript problems such as scenes with no purpose, confusing points of view, or empty stages are quickly highlighted.

Finish Your Novel


“With Fictionary, I had well-structured, methodical steps to edit my novel.

Fictionary has helped me turn my first draft into a polished piece”

Elle Kirkpatrick

Get Great Book Reviews!

Bestselling Author D.S. Kane


“I wrote MINDFIELD using Fictionary. The software was very helpful in editing my first and subsequent drafts.

Kirkus Reviews honored the book.

Get the Fictionary&ProWritingAid Annual Bundle for $99.

(Regularly priced at $260.)

  Video/Help doc – How to format your manuscript for Fictionary.

Fictionary works with  Word .docx files and runs in  Safari and  Chrome (Mac or PC).

Draft manuscripts of 25,000 words or more are ideal for using Fictionary!

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