Refer-A-Writer & Get Fictionary For Free!

How it works:

If you think Fictionary might help fellow writers, then we have a $10 referral bonus for you and your writing friends.

Step 1

Give out your Fictionary referral code to your writing friends. The more the merrier!

Heads up! We’ve recently emailed you a unique 6-digit alpha numeric referral code (email us at if you need your code).

Step 2

Ask your friends to visit and sign up for a free trial.

On the Confirm Trial Sign Up page, your friend enters your referral code and clicks “Apply Code” and then “Confirm Trial Sign Up“.

Step 3

You get a $10 credit towards your Fictionary subscription every time someone using your referral code becomes a new paid subscriber.

Better still, there is no limit to your credits!

With just 2 referred subscribers, you get a $20 credit. That’s Fictionary free for a month. With 10 referrals, you’ll receive $100 in credits. You get the idea!

Annual subscribers will be given credits towards their next year’s subscription.

Step 4

Your friend gets a $10 discount on their first month of Fictionary and they’ll get a referral code of their own!

Everyone is happy!

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