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StoryTeller teaches you how to story edit while you're working on your own manuscript. There is no better way to learn and improve your writing.

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Why the Story Edit is Crucial to Success

When you read a great book, what do you remember? A compelling character such as Jason Bourne, the intriguing plot of Gone Girl, or the fantastic settings in Game of Thrones.

In essence, you remember the story because of the characters, plot, or settings.

To create powerful stories that readers remember, you must master the skill and artistry of story editing.

How It Works

Better editing in less time. Perform your own story edit to create powerful stories. The world is waiting for your novel.

We asked our customers: If you told another writer about StoryTeller, what would you say?

In-the-moment-need-to-know advisor

“Fictionary is not only a platform that creates structure, it is also an in-the-moment-need-to-know adviser, by providing relevant info on the spot, when everything gets a little blurry.”

Shave YEARS off the learning process

“Now having jumped into using StoryTeller (after my initial resistance to learning new technology) I STRONGLY recommend writers start with StoryTeller — Only pure joy will result as StoryTeller enables you to shave YEARS off the learning process. Have fun free-writing, absolutely, but StoryTeller provides the path of least resistance to get from your title page, point A, to point B, The End.”

Automatically highlights plot holes and weak areas in each scene

“Throw out your markers and Post-It’s! StoryTeller has all the tools you need in one place. After importing your manuscript, invest in the time it takes to input vital story elements (advanced mode!) about your novel. This information will automatically highlight plot holes and weak areas in each scene. Meanwhile, StoryTeller will turn this info into game-changing visuals (charts, graphs, maps) that will make you confident you are going in the right direction to a final edit. StoryTeller will become your best editing friend. Buy it now!”

Enables me to see the whole story arc

“I’ve actually been telling people about it. I love the feature that enables me to see the whole story arc. I also learned quite a bit following the bit by bit editing stages.”

Fictionary Story Arc



The Story Arc, Automated

StoryTeller automatically creates powerful visuals by analyzing your manuscript from start to finish.

Insights such as the Story Arc provide a 30,000-foot view of your manuscript and quickly highlight structural areas that need improvement.



How to use StoryTeller

Import your manuscript and let StoryTeller go to work analyzing your story structure. Use the visual insights and the 38 Fictionary Story Elements to evaluate, edit, and improve each scene.

When your edit is complete, you’ll have a powerful story ready to export and share with the world.

Love for Fictionary StoryTeller

This is better than anything I've dreamt of as a fiction writing buddy.

Diane Rhodes, Author

BA, Creative Writing

Marie Anne Mancio Author

Thank you Fictionary! It takes time to analyse each chapter but it's worth it and has replaced my blackboard wall.

Marie Anne Mancio, Fictionary Author

Caravaggio's Sin

Daria White Fictiionary

I used StoryTeller to edit, and I saw a difference. My story was much stronger and compelling.

Daria White, Author

Christmas Therapy

Fictionary is a real find and their blog posts are equally propelling my work forward. Love the regular enhancements.

Casper Pieters, Author

The Ten Secrets of Cyberspace

RW Buxton

Fictionary is great to check balance and make sure the POV is clear.

RW Buxton, Author

Capital Thirst & Beverly Hills Torture

Let me just say that the automated Story Arc report alone makes this an outstanding tool.

Allie Potts, Author

An Uncertain Faith

Fictionary is truly a godsend and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Regan Baudelaire, Author

Mermaid and Haunted House

Kimberlee Esselstrom Author

Fictionary’s Advanced Mode is addictive! Finally, editing/rewriting/polishing is an adventure, not a chore.

Kimberlee Esselstrom, Author

Swimming with Strangers in Shanghai

Perfect to catch flaws in your manuscript and elevate it to new heights of quality. I love Fictionary!

Catherine Girard-Veilleux, Ad Librum Aeternam


I believe using this tool would help any author zero in on their strengths and weaknesses as writers.

Clarke Scott, M.A., Author

The Art of Enchantment: A Life is a Journey

Alva Eriksson

I am proud to say I will be a subscriber for as long as I write!

Alva Eriksson, Wattpad Featured Author & Watty's 2017 Award Winner


Authors of all experience levels will find this tool incredibly useful.

Dan Alatorre, Bestselling Author

Savvy Stories

Ellen Kirkpatrick

Fictionary has helped me turn my first draft into a polished piece.

Elle Kirkpatrick, Wattpad Author

Brew Books

Fictionary is a dynamic, innovative app that guides you through the revision process with ease.

Donna Galanti, Bestselling Author

The Element Trilogy

“It’s brilliant! Hands down the most innovative editing app you’re going to see anywhere anytime soon!”

James Osborne, Bestselling Author

The Ultimate Threat

Fictionary was a huge time-saver. I’m excited to rewrite!

Kelly Brakenhoff, StoryTeller User

I love being able to visualize the story arc and other elements of fiction in my novel.

Lisa Stringfellow, StoryTeller User

When I found Fictionary, everything came together. This is an essential tool I can’t do without.

Trasie Sands, 2017 NaNoWriMo Winner, Author

Freaky Yarn


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