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 2 Special Offers To Support Your Publishing Journey

 We’ve teamed with BetaBooks, and FriesenPress.

Are you ready to share your story with beta readers?

You love your beta readers, but coordinating them is a lot of work. BetaBooks makes it easy! Try BetaBooks For Free

The special offer:  Use the coupon code “fictionary” and receive 20% off any BetaBooks subscription plan. Sign up for the free plan and if you decide to upgrade your plan, enter the coupon code, and voila, you get a discount.

Is it time to publish your novel?

FriesenPress provides authors with professional editing, design, illustration, printing, promotion, and global distribution publishing services. Publishing is a journey. Find your path.

The special offer: Just mention Fictionary when you talk to FriesenPress, and you’ll receive a 10% discount on any FriesenPress Publishing Path.

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