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Testimonials From StoryCoach Clients

Skinner Myers, Fictionary Author

I loved working with Kristina and StoryCoach. Her notes were spot on. Her reassurance was the extra boost I needed…

Skinner Myers, Author & Film Maker

Jim Crow

Veronica Ventura StoryCoach Client

Kristina was the first editor who was genuinely invested in my book, and I recommend her services above all others.

Veronica Ventura, Author

Ryder Stephens

Charles Oakley, Fictionary Author

Kristina’s approach to editing has improved the flow and quality of my story beyond measure.

Charles Oakley, Author

Saving Nina

Fictionary Author

Kristina pointed out where things didn't work and gave helpful suggestions. I wouldn't hesitate to use Kristina's editing skills again.

Shirley Arnham, Author

The Egnimatic Door

I got good value for money... Improvements were mainly in character arc, missing ingredients in scene structure, and potential reader…

Iain Stewart, Author

Knights of the Air

Alva Eriksson

Fictionary has been amazing in helping me edit the scenes and plot of my latest work in progress! The streamlining…

Alva Eriksson, Author


Ellen Kirkpatrick

Kristina's insights were so valuable and Fictionary has helped me turn my draft into a polished piece.

Ellen Kirkpatrick, Author

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What You Get From a Fictionary StoryCoach

StoryCoach provides a brand new way to visualize your story and finish your novel. Along with a summary letter, you'll get a complete package of editorial advice.

  • 38 Fictionary Story Elements Evaluated
  • Editorial Notes per Scene
  • Track Changes and Inline Comments
  • Tailored Writing Advice

To build a series of intense moments and make readers feel they are living the experience, there must be tension in every scene.


Smells often bring out memories. This can be an interesting way to trigger a flashback or backstory.


Watch a film without props or a backdrop, and you'd probably get confused or bored. You'd be watching actors on an empty stage, which would make it hard to believe what they're trying to portray.

38 Fictionary Story Elements

Story Elements are the key to a comprehensive edit. Based on extensive research, we've chosen the most important story elements needed to tell a powerful story.

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