How To Use StoryCoach

Using StoryCoach

Within StoryCoach, you can track changes, make per line comments, write notes on a per scene basis, update the Fictionary Story Elements, and use the pre-written advice that comes with this masterclass for your summary letter.

You’ll learn what type of feedback to give when. You’re NOT required to fill out every Fictionary Story Element as you work through editing your client’s manuscript. StoryCoach will speed up editing when you use each feedback type as required.

Through the certification program, we’ll show you how to make the most of the track changes, per line comments, notes, and the story elements. Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll fly through an edit delivering a comprehensive, thorough edit that will amaze your client.

The Evaluate page is where you’ll do your work. StoryCoach has organized the manuscript into chapter and scenes. You’ll no longer have to work through tens of thousands of words in a Word document without being able to see the structure.

Click on any scene in the left panel to open that scene. You can easily move around the manuscript and see the structure as you edit.

Note the Word Count per scene is shown at the top of the text panel.


When you open a scene, turn on Track Changes. This must be done on a per scene basis.

Track Changes

Any text you delete is highlighted in red.

Track Changes

Any text you add is highlighted in green.

Add Text

A comment is displayed for the text highlighted in yellow. Highlight the text, click the Comment icon, and enter your comment.


Click the green check mark to save the comment. If you don’t, the comment will disappear. Before you leave this scene, click Save to ensure all changes are saved.

Save Comment

Click the Notes tab in the right panel to add scene specific notes.

Fictionary Notes