What can Fictionary help you do?

Easily import your manuscript and let Fictionary go to work analyzing your story. Our automated story insights will help you understand exactly what's working and what needs more attention.

Our Story Editing journey is a tried and tested process that’s been used by thousands of writers to make the story-editing process easy and less scary.

Fictionary automatically creates your story arc by analyzing your text for key plot points. This allows you to compare your structure and pacing to that of successful commercial fiction.

The story arc has been around for over 2,000 years. To create a story readers love, your key plot events must happen at the right time.

Quickly visualize the pacing of your story based on scene length. Instead of going through the tedious exercise of listing your word count per scene in a spreadsheet, you can see the information within seconds.

A great story is a collection of great scenes in the right order at the right time. Fictionary makes it easy to do in-depth scene-by-scene editing to ensure every scene moves the story forward. With Fictionary, you’ll ensure each scene has tension and conflict and is structured for maximum reader engagement.

Your Story Map captures all 38 Story Elements in one place. Use it to see common problem areas such as story flow, empty stages, POV goals, lack of tension and conflict, or confusing timelines.

Many Fictionary users have become bestsellers. Some won awards, while others signed publishing deals.

Several authors had initially self-published their books without doing a Fictionary story edit, but after receiving bad reviews, turned to Fictionary to improve them. After republishing them, they reported huge improvements in sales and reviews. Some even went on to win awards. 

Want a more personalised Fictionary experience?

StoryTeller Premium will help you navigate your editing journey in six weeks.

Certified StoryCoach Editors will be live online teaching, assigning weekly editing tasks, answering questions, and helping you make your manuscript stronger with every session.

Our core Fictionary Live! six-week courses cycle throughout the year:

  • 6 Weeks to Outline Your Novel
  • How to Write Scenes Using Deep Structure
  • Novel Editing Part 1: Evaluate and Identify Issues
  • Novel Editing Part 2: Make Revisions and Finish Your Book
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Automated Story Editing Software

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Step-By-Step Editing Journey

Edit 3 Manuscripts at a Time

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Hi, I'm Kristina. Founder of Fictionary, and I'm here to help.

I'm a writer just like you. I created Fictionary to solve my own biggest writing challenge: how to edit my manuscript to make sure my story was as powerful as possible.

Using my computer mathematics degree along with my experience as a bestselling author and ten years working as a professional editor, I created the software I wished I had.

Fictionary will help you get your story finished and into the hands of readers. I'll be with you all the way.

Ready to make your story truly unforgettable? Let's get started!

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Writers and Editors Love Fictionary

Let me just say that the automated Story Arc report alone makes this an outstanding tool.

Allie Potts, Author

An Uncertain Faith

Alva Eriksson

Fictionary has been amazing in helping me edit the my latest work in progress! The streamlining has cut my editing…

Alva Eriksson, Author


Fictionary is a real find and their blog posts are equally propelling my work forward. Love the regular enhancements.

Casper Pieters, Author

The Ten Secrets of Cyberspace

Perfect to catch flaws in your manuscript and elevate it to new heights of quality. I love Fictionary!

Catherine Girard-Veilleux, Ad Librum Aeternam


Daria White Fictiionary

I used StoryTeller to edit, and I saw a difference. My story was much stronger and compelling.

Daria White, Author

Christmas Therapy

Fictionary is truly a godsend and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Regan Baudelaire, Author

Mermaid and Haunted House

Ellen Kirkpatrick

Fictionary has helped me turn my first draft into a polished piece.

Elle Kirkpatrick, Wattpad Author

Brew Books

This is better than anything I've dreamt of as a fiction writing buddy.

Diane Rhodes, Author

BA, Creative Writing

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

StoryCoach Certification Training supercharged my editing, helping me to focus attention on story specific elements. I highly recommend it.

Jefferson Gaskin, Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Fictionary Author Success Stories

  • A Comb of Wishes is a beguiling fantasy novel that will engage, inspire and challenge its readers. - BookPage Starred Review

    – BookPage

    Lisa Stringfellow
    Published by HarperCollins

    Winner of the Kweli’s inaugural Color of Children’s Literature Manuscript Award

  • Ryder Stephens takes readers on an emotional arc of a young girl dealing with loss and grief. A page turner!

    – Amazon Reviewer

    Veronica Ventura

    Veronica Ventura
    Published Author

    As an author, Veronica attributes her success in character development to the diverse experiences in her medical career.

    Veronica Ventura
  • There were so many themes running through this book from forgiveness, trust, love and facing fears. I enjoyed this book and will definitely read more

    – Amazon Reviewer

    Daria White Fictiionary

    Daria White
    Published Author

    Author of Match Made Christmas, What If Christmas Wish & four more Romance novels.

    Daria White
  • The third in the series. The second novel edited in Fictionary StoryTeller.

    – Now on Amazon

    RW Buxton

    R.W. Buxton (book 2)
    Multi-book author

    Erin is desperate to save Gerry from dark vampire forces who would do anything to prevent him from fulfilling the prophecy.

    Moscow Nights
  • "To say that this story is superb and masterful storytelling does not do this book justice."

    – Twitter fan @BillGrim

    Alva Eriksson

    Alva Eriksson
    Watty Winner

    Edited in Fictionary, Adrent reaches Highest Rank in Sci-Fi - #3, Space Opera - #1 on Wattpad

Are you ready to turn your novel into a bestseller? We'll help get you there.

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