Fictionary Certified StoryCoach EditorPolly Watt

A former refugee lawyer in the UK, Polly Watt honed her skills working on cases where careful editing often really was a matter of life and death.

As a Fictionary StoryCoach Editor, she will apply the same care and attention to detail to your structural story edit.  She’s passionate about stories and loves working on all different types of literary genres.

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editor

Lisa Taylor

Stories are powerful. Through my experience as an educator and librarian, I’ve explored how stories work and supported writers in finding their voices and honing their craft.


As a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editor, I offer a thorough, objective structural story edit that honours your voice, recognises and celebrates your skill, and offers clear, actionable ideas on ways to make your story shine even more. You can reach me through the Fictionary Online Community.

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editor

Heather Wood

By combining my experience of teaching writing at the secondary level with a Fictionary StoryCoach Edit, I will help you strengthen your story while honoring the care and effort you have dedicated to your art.

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editor

Brigitte Lavoie

Brigitte is a Creative Mentor and Fictionary Certified Story Coach working with French and English authors. She has published four quantum SFF novels. The adventure of your character is the keystone. Setting it right creates the arc that will allow your readers to cross the realm of your imagination. I guide you to become the master carpenter.

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editor

Pamela Hines

Pamela is a certified Story Grid editor, developmental editor, copyeditor, and book coach. She will combine her Story Grid knowledge with technology and use Fictionary StoryCoach software to provide you with an exceptional story edit.

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Fictionary Certified StoryCoach EditorS. W. Millar

Shane is a developmental editor, specializing in fantasy and its sub-genres. He’s also the author of the Myth & Magic urban fantasy thriller series.

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach EditorCasper Pieters

PhD Dip Ed

Being a writer made me a better story editor, which made me a better writer.
Hand me your speculative fiction and I’ll apply that special knowledge for you.

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach EditorJames Gallagher

As a Fictionary-Certified StoryCoach Editor, I am eager to help you tell your story. I have a special fondness for horror, romance, and genre fiction, and I’m both a developmental editor and a copy editor.

More about me can be found at

L. Cooke

As a Fictionary certified Editor, I will explore your Work-In-Progress, chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene, story-element-by-story-element. You will end up with a treasure map of sorts, full of actionable advice and a greater understanding of your Work-In-Progress.

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Ryan Rivers Editor

Ryan Rivers

Ryan is a developmental editor, specializing in mystery and crime fiction. He’s also the author of the Bucket List Mysteries, a comedic cozy series featuring ICU nurse Sho Tanaka and former tween TV detective Levi Blue.

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Sherry LeClerc Fictionary

Sherry Leclerc

An experienced author, editor, and educator, Sherry Leclerc has been teaching English and French to primary through to adult students since 2000. She became a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach in 2021

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Fictionary Certified StoryCoachAne Ryan Walker

An editor trained and certified can be a godsend for the inexperienced writer. For the experienced writer, an exceptional editor is a “must have”.

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Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Jefferson Gaskin

StoryCoach Certification Training has supercharged my editing!

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Kara Henderson Fictionary

Kara Henderson

I am passionate about Story, and I love working with authors to help them make their manuscript the best version of the tale they’ve created. Using Fictionary, I will give you an objective edit – I encourage you in what you do well, and I will help you figure out what needs to be tweaked to make your story to be as good as it can be.
You can reach me through the Fictionary online community, or at [email protected].


Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Michael Springer

StoryCoach gives you all you need to provide a detailed and thorough developmental appraisal of any narrative.

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Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Sacha Black

StoryCoach will give you in-depth knowledge about story from first word to final chapter.

Contact at: Sacha Black


Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Joanne Lane

I’m a much better editor today and my clients have benefited.

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Fictionary Certified Story Coach

Max Dade

I can say with confidence that the StoryCoach platform allows a detailed breakdown of any story.

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Allison Itterly

Every book is unique, but any book can benefit from an edit in StoryCoach. It’s incredible what this software can do!

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Fictionary Certified StoryCoachKristin McTiernan

If you want to blow your editing clients away with a thorough and in-depth story critique, definitely get your certification and start using this amazing program!

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