Story Editing

Story editing, also known as structural or developmental editing, takes an in-depth look at an entire manuscript with a focus on characters, plot, and settings.

Comprehensive, Objective Story Edits

Help writers by understanding what great stories are made of using the enlightening visuals and the 38 Fictionary Story Elements.

StoryCoach ensures you "fully" evaluate the story without personal biases coming into play. You'll become an exceptional editor.

Track Changes, Comments, and Notes

Track every change and make inline comments while seeing the story structure. Provide scene-by-scene editorial notes for those high-level comments that guide the writer in improving their story.

Then invite Clients to review your editorial package with access to their manuscript from their own StoryCoach account.

StoryCoach Client Experience

Simplified Client Management

Bring all your editing work together in one easy-to-use client dashboard.

Ideal for working with multiple clients, editing a book series, or multiple manuscripts from the same author.

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More Time-Saving Features Coming Soon

We’re working with editors to bring you additional StoryCoach features to help you increase your productivity.

Automated Critique Library

Save time with predefined comments and critiques. Expand the library with your favorite suggestions.

Summary Letters and Insights

One-click customized letters and insights based on most frequently used critiques and comments.

Become an Exceptional Editor with StoryCoach

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