How StoryTeller Works

Creative editing software for fiction writers.

Import Your Manuscript

Steps for importing your manuscript from a Word .docx file.

Visualize Your Manuscript

See your story like never before!

Evaluate Your Manuscript

How to use the 38 Fictionary Story Elements.

Export Your Manuscript

One easy step to export your manuscript back to a Word .docx file.

Start a New Novel

Learn how to start a new novel using StoryTeller.

StoryTeller Where to Begin

This is the first in Fictionary's 1 Minute Video Series on how to use StoryTeller to tell powerful stories.

StoryTeller Scene-By-Scene Editing

Learn what a scene is and where to begin your scene-by-scene edit.

How StoryCoach Client Works

Congrats! You've got a Fictionary StoryCoach editor on your team. It's time to sign up for your StoryCoach Client account and see your freshly edited manuscript using StoryCoach software.

How StoryCoach Works

Productivity software for professional editors. The new online tool for performing better structural and developmental edits in less time.