Where do I start my edit?

Fictionary gives you a plan

Discover a structured approach to novel editing that makes every scene count. Evaluate your writing against the 38 Fictionary Story Elements. Keep track of your characters, improve your plot, and create engaging settings.





The Story Arc tells you if your structure and pacing are right

StoryTeller automatically creates powerful visuals by analyzing your manuscript from start to finish. Insights such as the Story Arc provide a 30,000-foot view of your manuscript and quickly highlights the key scenes in your story.

Image showing two Story Arcs together for comparison

The Story Map shows you what still needs work

Fictionary's Story Map provides an overview of your whole story, so you can see common problem areas such as story flow, empty stages, POV goals, lack of tension and conflict or confusing timelines.

Image showing information for every scene in a large table.

Easily track your progress

Say goodbye to those old sticky notes, index cards, or massive spreadsheets. Automatically keep track of every aspect of your edit. Work efficiently and know you haven't missed a thing.

  • Progress by Scene
  • Progress by Story Elements
Visualization of your progress by scene and by key elements

Learn as you edit

Not sure what an entry hook is? Or an internal goal? With educational resources right at your fingertips as you edit, you'll have all the information you need.

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Recommended by these amazing authors:

Let me just say that the automated Story Arc report alone makes this an outstanding tool.

Allie Potts, Author

An Uncertain Faith

Perfect to catch flaws in your manuscript and elevate it to new heights of quality. I love Fictionary!

Catherine Girard-Veilleux, Ad Librum Aeternam


Daria White Fictiionary

I used StoryTeller to edit, and I saw a difference. My story was much stronger and compelling.

Daria White, Author

Christmas Therapy

Fictionary is a real find and their blog posts are equally propelling my work forward. Love the regular enhancements.

Casper Pieters, Author

The Ten Secrets of Cyberspace

Fictionary is truly a godsend and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Regan Baudelaire, Author

Mermaid and Haunted House

This is better than anything I've dreamt of as a fiction writing buddy.

Diane Rhodes, Author

BA, Creative Writing

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