Your whole writing journey, from idea to final draft

Fictionary StoryTeller helps you set a roadmap for your whole novel. Use easy-to-follow genre-based templates with detailed instructions helping you ensure your story structure is strong from the start.

  • Universal Outline
  • Romance Outline
  • Fantasy Outline
  • Series Outline
  • More to come

Stay on track with an easy-to-navigate writing platform and handy writing resources at your fingertips if you get stuck.

Wondering if the intention of your scene is clear? Is there enough tension to keep your reader engaged? Use our AI features to get instant feedback at the click of a button.

Fifteen story visualizations help you see your story in a whole new way. Discover Fictionary’s Story Insights:

  • Story Arc
  • Story Outline
  • Word Count Per Scene
  • Story Map
  • Characters Per Scene
  • Story Goal Tracker
  • and more

Follow Fictionary’s tried and tested Story Editing Journey. This systematic approach helps you evaluate your story and identify issues around plot, structure, characters, settings, goals, pacing, and more.

Stay focused and on track with Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Instructors live on zoom, answering your questions and helping you make your story stronger.

Our six-week courses cycle constantly:

  • 6 Weeks to Structure Your Entire Book Series
  • 6 Weeks to Outline Your Novel
  • How to Write Scenes Using Deep Structure
  • Novel Editing Part 1: Evaluate and Identify Issues
  • Novel Editing Part 2: Make Revisions and Finish Your Book

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Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editors know how to make stories resonate with readers. 

Our editors will focus on your story’s most essential elements: characters, plot, and settings. They systematically analyze and improve every scene using the story arc, entry and exit hooks, point of view, character goals, backstory, tension, conflict, and more.

If you have a good story, but need help turning it into a bestseller, then a StoryCoach editor can get you there. 

Meet our editors

Fictionary StoryCoach Certification is a unique editing qualification, laser-focused on the art of structural editing.

In this course, you’ll develop a profound understanding of story structure and the skill to apply it to novels effectively.

Both writers and editors are welcome—anyone with a love of story and a strong work ethic can become a Fictionary StoryCoach Editor.

Learn more about certification

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In our Fictionary Live! courses, our friendly Certified StoryCoach Editors are live online teaching, assigning weekly editing tasks, answering questions, and helping you make your manuscript stronger with every session.

Our core six-week courses cycle every 2-3 months, so there is always a course for you, no matter where you are in your writing journey.

You get unlimited access to all six-week courses with a StoryTeller Premium subscription.

  • From Sparks to Soulmates: A Deep Dive into Romance Structure 💓
    June 19 - July 24
  • Series Foundations: Structure Your Entire Book Series
    July 3 - Aug 7
  • Story Foundations: Start Your Story with 5 Must-Have Scenes
    July 11 - Aug 15
  • Novel Editing Part 1: Identify Issues and Create a Revision Plan
    July 19 - Aug 22
  • Novel Editing Part 2: Revise and Finish Your Story
    July 22 - Aug 26
  • Forge Your Fantasy: A Deep Dive into Fantasy Structure 🐉
    Aug 6 - Sept 10
  • Write Sensational Scenes: Discover the Power of Deep Scene Structure
    Aug 13 - Sept 17
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Hi, I'm Kristina. Founder of Fictionary, and I'm here to help.

I'm a writer just like you. I created Fictionary to solve my own biggest writing challenge: how to outline and edit my manuscript to make sure my story was as powerful as possible.

Using my computer mathematics degree along with my experience as a bestselling author and ten years working as a professional editor, I created the software I wished I had.

Fictionary will help you get your story finished and into the hands of readers. I'll be with you all the way.

Writers and Editors Love Fictionary

Let me just say that the automated Story Arc report alone makes this an outstanding tool.

Allie Potts, Author

An Uncertain Faith

Alva Eriksson

Fictionary has been amazing in helping me edit the my latest work in progress! The streamlining has cut my editing…

Alva Eriksson, Author


Fictionary is a real find and their blog posts are equally propelling my work forward. Love the regular enhancements.

Casper Pieters, Author

The Ten Secrets of Cyberspace

Perfect to catch flaws in your manuscript and elevate it to new heights of quality. I love Fictionary!

Catherine Girard-Veilleux, Ad Librum Aeternam


Daria White Fictiionary

I used StoryTeller to edit, and I saw a difference. My story was much stronger and compelling.

Daria White, Author

Christmas Therapy

Fictionary is truly a godsend and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Regan Baudelaire, Author

Mermaid and Haunted House

Ellen Kirkpatrick

Fictionary has helped me turn my first draft into a polished piece.

Elle Kirkpatrick, Wattpad Author

Brew Books

This is better than anything I've dreamt of as a fiction writing buddy.

Diane Rhodes, Author

BA, Creative Writing

Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

StoryCoach Certification Training supercharged my editing, helping me to focus attention on story specific elements. I highly recommend it.

Jefferson Gaskin, Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

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Meet some of the authors using Fictionary:

Meet some of the authors using Fictionary:

  • Fictionary is a dynamic, innovative app that guides you through the revision process with ease. — Donna Galanti

    1-Donna Galanti

    "I don't know how to describe this book. It was horror, love, loneliness, connectivity; it will toy with your emotions. It kept me in its grip from beginning to end."— Amazon Review

  • Daria White

    I used StoryTeller to edit and saw a difference. My story was much stronger and more compelling. — Daria White

    1-Daria White

    "There were so many themes running through this book from forgiveness, trust, love and facing fears. I enjoyed this book and will definitely read more." — Amazon Review

  • I got good value for money... Improvements were mainly in character arc and missing ingredients in scene structure. — Iain Stewart

    1-Iain Stewart

    "Excellent start to this series. Not my usual read, as I tend to avoid WW1, but this was good on so many levels, from the characterisation, story lines and atmosphere." — Amazon Review

  • I have used Fictionary to edit my first two books, and it has made me a much better writer. — Michael Preston

    1-Michael Preston

    "The pace of the novel kept me reading and made it hard to put down. The plot twists kept me interested and wondering what will happen next." — Amazon Review

  • Miriam’s debut NaNoWriMo novel was edited using Fictionary and hit #1 on Amazon for Steampunk Science Fiction.

    1-Miriam R. Dumitra
    Amazon Bestselling Author

    "Such a fantastic adventure story! Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading!" — Amazon Review

  • Fictionary was awesome for structuring this book and ensuring I had the important elements included in every scene! — Dionne Haynes

    1-Dionne Haynes

    A woman who must atone for her past. A village that needs her courage.

  • Fictionary helped with plot holes, stronger prose, and since my story deals in time travel, I was able to keep the storyline consistent.— CA Hollister

    1-CA Hollister

    Darya's fate was sealed before she was born. Now she must confront a destiny that transcends time where love and prophecy collide.

  • Fictionary is what gave me the confidence to start self-publishing. I couldn't call myself an author without this amazing process. —Elaine Canyon

    1-Elaine Canyon

    "If you’re looking for a delightful, feel-good romantasy, this is the novella for you." — Amazon Review

  • After using Fictionary to perfect the story structure for my romantasy, I was blown away by this amazing resource. —Katherine Eddinger Smits

    1-Katherine Eddinger Smits

    "I was immersed in this book from beginning to end and couldn't wait to read more each night." — Amazon Review

  • Fictionary taught me story elements and plot structure, which helped transform a mediocre manuscript to the short list of Fictionary Book of the Year.

    1-John Johnson

    "I enjoyed the story and the character, and would highly recommend it if you like crime mysteries." — Amazon Review

  • Let me just say that the automated Story Arc report alone makes this an outstanding tool.

    1-Allie Potts

    "I very much enjoyed reading this fast paced and well-plotted novel. The characters are carefully crafted and seem true to life. It is a page turner and I finished it in one sitting." — Amazon Review