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Success Stories

Success Stories

  • Bestseller

    A Comb of Wishes is a beguiling fantasy novel that will engage, inspire and challenge its readers. - BookPage Starred Review

    Lisa Stringfellow
    Published by HarperCollins

    Winner of the Kweli’s inaugural Color of Children’s Literature Manuscript Award

  • Fictionary Iain Stewart Book Cover

    “If Rage! is any indicator for the rest of the Knights of the Air series, military history buffs better be making some room on their bookshelves now."

    Iain Stewart
    Atmosphere Press 2021

    Review by: Independent Book Review

  • Beasts of Prey

    Turning into a Netflix series!

    Oz Mari G
    Published Author

    One brother vowed to rebuild their fortune and restore the glory of their name, the other followed their father's heinous path. One woman crossed their path, unaware of her bloodline, and a dark past

  • Moscow Nights

    The third in the series. The second novel edited in Fictionary StoryTeller.

    R.W. Buxton (book 2)
    Multi-book author

    Erin is desperate to save Gerry from dark vampire forces who would do anything to prevent him from fulfilling the prophecy.

  • Amber Samuel

    Hit #10 in Love out of 2 Million Books on Wattpad.

    Amber Samuel
    Romance Author

    The Many Dates of Indigo is part of the Wattpad Paid Stories program.

  • Daria White

    There were so many themes running through this book from forgiveness, trust, love and facing fears. I enjoyed this book and will definitely read more

    Daria White
    Published Author

    Author of Match Made Christmas, What If Christmas Wish & four more Romance novels.

  • Veronica Ventura

    Ryder Stephens takes readers on an emotional arc of a young girl dealing with loss and grief. A page turner!

    Veronica Ventura
    Published Author

    As an author, Veronica attributes her success in character development to the diverse experiences in her medical career.

  • From page one, I could not put this book down. The author took his plot to a new level, mind control brings us into the stratosphere of cyberwars!

    DS Kane
    Amazon Bestselling Author

    MindField, Kane’s 8th novel, was edited using Fictionary and honored by Kirkus Reviews.

  • Such a fantastic adventure story! Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading!

    Miriam R. Dumitra
    Amazon Bestselling Author

    BRIGHTSHADE, Miriam’s debut NaNoWriMo novel was edited using Fictionary and hit #1 on Amazon for Steampunk Science Fiction.

  • "To say that this story is superb and masterful storytelling does not do this book justice."

    Alva Eriksson
    Watty Winner

    Edited in Fictionary, Adrent reaches Highest Rank in Sci-Fi - #3, Space Opera - #1 on Wattpad

  • Helping young people stay human in a tech driven life.

    Casper Pieters
    Multi-book Author

    Casper Pieters wants his readers to gain a deeper understanding about the online world. He embeds critical information in adventure narratives that enables his readers to learn while being swept along

  • First in the "A Darkside Defender" series

    Emma Thomas
    Fictionary Story Teller

    In a world where some have supernatural abilities, and most don’t, the King has bound those with magick by blood and fire to do his bidding.

  • RW Buxton book

    Never thought I’d really like vampire books but this is fantastic from beginning to end. Definitely recommend!!!

    R.W. Buxton
    Published Author

    A frantic middle of the night call jolts Gerry from his quiet, but lonely life, back into a world fraught with dangerous creatures of the night.

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Love For Fictionary

Let me just say that the automated Story Arc report alone makes this an outstanding tool.

Allie Potts, Author

An Uncertain Faith

Alva Eriksson

Fictionary has been amazing in helping me edit the scenes and plot of my latest work in progress! The streamlining…

Alva Eriksson, Author


Fictionary is a real find and their blog posts are equally propelling my work forward. Love the regular enhancements.

Casper Pieters, Author

The Ten Secrets of Cyberspace

Perfect to catch flaws in your manuscript and elevate it to new heights of quality. I love Fictionary!

Catherine Girard-Veilleux, Ad Librum Aeternam


Daria White Fictiionary

I used StoryTeller to edit, and I saw a difference. My story was much stronger and compelling.

Daria White, Author

Christmas Therapy

Fictionary is truly a godsend and exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Regan Baudelaire, Author

Mermaid and Haunted House

Ellen Kirkpatrick

Fictionary has helped me turn my first draft into a polished piece.

Elle Kirkpatrick, Wattpad Author

Brew Books

This is better than anything I've dreamt of as a fiction writing buddy.

Diane Rhodes, Author

BA, Creative Writing

Become a Great StoryTeller

Writing a successful novel depends on your ability to edit, improve, and revise your first draft. Story editing is the first step and should be completed before copy editing or proofreading.

  • Quickly see how and where to improve your story
  • Learn and apply the 38 Fictionary Story Elements
  • Creatively edit your way to a powerful story

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Our authors use Fictionary StoryTeller to create memorable stories with compelling characters, intriguing plots, and engaging settings.

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