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Visualize and Evaluate Your Manuscript

The Story Arc, Automated!

Visualize the structure of your story and decide on the best placement for plot events. See where your characters enter and exit your story in relation to key events.

Cast of Characters

Automatically generated on import of your manuscript. See how many characters are in your story and the number of scenes each character is in.

Word Clouds

Consider the purpose of your scenes based on the words and character names used most.

Scene by Scene Evaluation

Keep track of your characters, evaluate your plot, and create engaging settings.  Ensure your story works by making every scene count.

Word Counts

Evaluate the pacing of your manuscript based on word count per scene. Shorter scenes increase the pace, longer scenes slow things down.

Built-In Rewrite Tips

Insightful tips for improving your story exactly when you need them!  No more searching for writing advice.

Progress Tracking

Keep track of your big-picture edit and know when you've completed a comprehensive rewrite.


  Import Manuscript

Organizes your manuscript by chapter and scene for viewing in the app

  Rewrite Guide

Guides you through a comprehensive, scene-by-scene structural rewrite

  Scene Evaluation

Captures and evaluates Key Elements of Fiction for Character, Plot, and Setting

  Rewrite Tips

Explain the Key Elements of Fiction and how each is best applied to your writing

  Progress Tracking

Status for scenes and key elements keeps you on track to complete your rewrite


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About Us


Kristina Stanley

Creative and Design
Best-Selling Author


Micheal Conn

Product Development
Indie Author


Mathew Stanley

Customer and
Business Development


Creating Fictionary (originally called Feedback) began when I (Kristina) finished the first draft of my first novel. By then I’d read over 50 how-to-write and how-to-self-edit books. I’d taken writing courses and workshops, and had 100s of writing and rewriting tips swirling about in my head.

I knew I had to begin the rewriting process and improve the quality of my draft before sharing my work but I didn’t know how to go about it..


How was I supposed to remember the torrent of advice and apply it to each scene? A spreadsheet, that’s how!

I created a spreadsheet with a chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene structure. Then I listed the different writing advice I needed to consider for EVERY scene. I ended up with over 35 “Key Elements of Fiction”. I used the reports from the spreadsheet to visualize my novel.


After the hard work of self-evaluating and rewriting my drafts, the high quality of my fiction was validated when my first two novels were shortlisted for prestigious crime writing awards and I landed my publisher (Imajin Books).

My first editor said: “If every manuscript was this good, my job would be so easy!”

The next exciting moment came when DESCENT, my first novel, hit #1 on Amazon’s hot new releases. I’ve since sold the German rights to Luzifer-Verlag for publication in Germany. Imajin Books also published BLAZE and AVALANCHE.


Along came Michael with MAXWELL HUXLEY’S DEMON and THE RIGHT TURN, and we ran the same spreadsheet. By this time we’d covered the mystery, horror, and young adult genres.

Surely we weren’t the first authors to struggle with rewriting our first drafts, so we searched for an app to address our problem but found nothing. We did discover that many writers struggled with rewriting drafts and ended up using tools such as spreadsheets, whiteboards, or yellow stickies.


That’s when it hit us. We thought other writers could benefit from our immediate approach to evaluating and rewriting first drafts.

The excitement was too much for Mathew to sit by and watch, so he decided to get involved. He knows technology and how to run a business.


Michael, Mathew, and I worked on the concept and developed Fictionary.

Now, we’d love to hear from you, understand your rewriting issues, and incorporate your ideas into Fictionary. To share your thoughts, contact us via Kristina@Fictionary.co.

©2017 Fictionary.co/Feedback Innovations Inc.

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