The Fictionary Finish Your Novel Contest

Grand Prize Winner: Miriam Dumitra

A lifetime Fictionary subscription and a $1999 FriesenPress Publishing Path

Prize includes: Manuscript Editing, Design & Production, Promotion, and Distribution

Miriam Dumitra
YA Fantasy

Congrats Miriam.  Good luck on your path to getting published!

Novel: Silas’ Hill

The discovery of magic once threw the Camorin continent into decades-long conflict. Now, the war has finally abated, and three nations have risen from its ashes. But how long can the shaky peace last? Eleszan remains neutral, but Ideon maintains its borders using elite soldiers and power-wielding mages while the Saint Brazen Republic funnels its resources into magic-nullifying technology.

Amidst the rising tension, a crippled Ideian mage is cast out from the library she calls home when her magic sparks out of control. Determined to fix her powers and return to researching the wars, Jenna travels towards the Saint Brazen border. Little does she know that there are four others whose paths seem destined to cross with hers. Each of them carries a piece of the secret that may unlock the true mystery behind the past wars – and the wars still to come.

Second Prize Winners

Robby Ferrell, Trasie Sands & Nicolette Baj Montagna

One-year Fictionary subscriptions

Robby Ferrell
New Adult, Fantasy, Action
2017 NaNoWriMo Winner

Novel: Team Izanagi

Five young adults. An aspiring hero, a Casanova, an heiress, an exiled woman, and a teenage girl moved into their new home, a beautiful mansion, with the intention of achieving their personal goals.  Their plans are suddenly derailed when they are abducted by an unidentified organization. Trapped in an unknown location, each one must work to escape and save the others in the process.  Where have they been taken?  Why were they abducted in the first place?  Can five people with no experience in this kind of situation successfully escape or will their journey end before it has even begun?

Trasie Sands
2017 NaNoWriMo Winner
Novel: Freaky Yarn
Tamera’s husband had a habit of disappearing occasionally, but usually somebody knew where he was. This time, he was just gone. With a young child to feed and no money, she needed to find out where Eric was, who was going to take care of her and how she was going to survive. When the generosity of previously well-meaning neighbours wore off, Tamera was running out of people to trust. And where exactly was Eric?
Nicolette Baj Montagna
New Adult Urban Fantasy
2017 NaNoWriMo Winner
Novel: Soul Thirsty

Lilly Malone could finally flee her abusive family, moving away to college in the Deep South, far from her Connecticut home. She dreamed of the life she could make for herself, now freed from her bondage. Instead of finding her little slice of heaven, she meets Ares, an energy consuming vampire in search of innocents to devour. This young stranger is charming and Lilly finds herself swept up into a symbiotic relationship that neither party quite understands.

When Lilly falls for Apollo, another young Greek just as deadly as Ares but with a heart of gold, she starts to break free from Ares’ unnatural sway over her heart and mind. Still, she is in grave danger but she doesn’t quite know why. With her seemingly reserved roommate Riley by her side, Lilly must face the ultimate battle. Can she save her life without losing her soul?

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