The Fictionary Finish Your Novel Contest

You’ve written a first draft. Congrats!

Now what?

Finish your novel with Fictionary and get published by FriesenPress!

Fictionary works with  Word and runs in  Safari and  Chrome (Mac or PC).

Meet Fictionary.

Developed for writers by writers, Fictionary is the best online tool for editing your story, not just your words.

Get to know FriesenPress.

FriesenPress provides authors with professional editing, design, illustration, printing, promotion, and global distribution publishing services.

*** Grand Prize ***

A lifetime Fictionary subscription and a $1999 FriesenPress Publishing Path.

Prize includes: Manuscript Editing, Design & Production, Promotion, and Distribution

** Additional Prizes **

$200 annual Fictionary subscriptions for 3 lucky writers!


How To Enter

Sign up for a free 10-day trial by February 18th, 2018.

Upload your 50,000+ word manuscript* and start your Fictionary story edit.

That’s it, you’re entered.

Go give Fictionary a try and finish your novel.

Winners will be chosen at random in April. Good luck!


Fictionary works with  Word and runs in  Safari and  Chrome (Mac or PC).

Ready To Enter?

Use code NANO2017 and get a 25% discount if you subscribe after your trial.

That’s Fictionary for $15/month 

By entering the contest, you agree to the Contest Rules.

To win, you must be eligible to work with FriesenPress.

No purchase necessary and no credit card required.

Step 1

Enter your information when you Sign Up For Fictionary (from Mac or PC only).

Step 2

Enter coupon code NANO2017, Apply Code and Confirm Trial Sign Up.

*Formatting Your Manuscript For Fictionary

Your manuscript must have at least 50,000 words to be eligible to win.

There are just 3 things to do to format your manuscript before importing into Fictionary:

  1.  Your manuscript needs to be in a Microsoft Word .docx​ file for Fictionary to recognize it.
  2. Each chapter in your manuscript starts with the word “Chapter​”.
  3. Multiple scenes within chapters are separated by a scene break character ​such as * * *.

Fictionary runs in  Safari and  Chrome (Mac or PC).

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