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Fictionary Book of the Year Award


Fictionary Book Award


Our goal is to recognize and promote writers who are dedicated to the process of great story telling. The Fictionary Book of the Year Award – for unpublished books edited in StoryTeller – is designed to do just that.

We will award the honour to the best unpublished YA/Middle Grade novel and best unpublished adult novel.

Fictionary is all about celebrating writers and their work. The number of successful award winning authors and bestselling authors who contact us, saying that they edited their books in Fictionary is phenomenal.

And here at Fictionary, we want to increase that number.

We writers should support one another, and what better way than a Fictionary Book of the Year Award. To celebrate the launch of the Fictionary Community, we are also launching the first Annual Fictionary Book of the Year Award.

So how do you win the book award?

Get editing in Fictionary Storyteller. A great story is made up of a collection of great scenes structured in a compelling order.

Fictionary shows you how to use the 38 Story Elements to create remarkable scenes, link them together, and finish a novel. Make sure you have all the Fictionary Elements of a story on show, tidied up, and structurally sound.

Who is judging?

The Judges are all Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editors, and they will be choosing the work that hits all the Fictionary Story Elements.

Where to get help?

In the Fictionary Community there will be loads of posts — so get stuck in — ask questions about the elements, discuss, figure out how to get your story ready. With Fictionary, every author can powerfully edit their manuscript into a powerful story, a prize-winning story.


To Submit a Manuscript

A writer must have edited their novel in Fictionary StoryTeller, join the Fictionary Community, and submit:

  1.  A blurb: Maximum 250 words. The blurb must answer
    1. Who is the protagonist?
    2. What is the main story goal?
    3. What is at stake?
  2.  A synopsis: Maximum 500 words. The synopsis must show the inciting incident, plot point 1, middle plot point, plot point 2, and the climax.
  3. First scene or chapter: Maximum 2000 words.

We’re here to help you prepare. The links to the blurb and synopsis teach you how to write a blurb and a synopsis. Full rules and guidelines are in the Fictionary Community.

After 5 novels are shortlisted in each category, these authors will submit their entire manuscript.

The book award prizes include:

A chance to be read by Writers House Literary Agency.

For the Winning Manuscripts:

  • Full StoryCoach edit by a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach editor including 3 hours of one-on-one consulting time. (Value $2700 USD)
  • Full manuscript read-through by Lindsay Auld, Agent at Writers House Literary Agency for the Young Adult/Middle Grade category winner.
  • Full manuscript read-through by Andrea Morrison, Senior Agent at Writers House Literary Agency for the Adult category winner.
  • One-year subscription of a StoryCoach client account (Value $288 USD).

Join the community to see the great prizes for shortlisted manuscripts.

The Fictionary Community

Why join?

  • Connect with other writers and editors
  • Get your editing questions answered by Fictionary Certified StoryCoach editors
  • Access free, live editing classes presented by editing experts
  • Learn about all things Fictionary: product updates, videos, webinars, best practices
  • Enter your unpublished novel in the Fictionary Book of the Year Award
  • Attend live events to practice writing a blurb and a synopsis.

Join the community to enter your manuscript in the Fictionary Book of the Year award and find out more about submission dates and rules, and the bonus prizes we have for the shortlisted manuscripts.

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