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Free eBook: Story Editing Using Fictionary’s Key Elements Of Fiction

You’ve finished your first draft. Congratulations! Now what?

Whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route, your story needs to be as good as you can possibly make it before sharing with others.

Now is the time to evaluate your writing with a story edit to ensure your story works and is compelling to readers.

But just re-reading your novel and looking for areas of improvement without having a process can waste a lot of time. Questions that come to mind are:

  • Where to start?
  • What to change?
  • How to make it better?

Grab Your Free eBook

Story Editing Using Fictionary’s Key Elements Of Fiction

Don’t despair. There is light at the end of the editing tunnel. Just like you learned how to write a novel, you can learn how to perform a big-picture edit. All you need is a clear process, some editing knowledge, and the right tool.

With our free eBook, you’ll learn how big-picture editing is all about evaluating the major components of your story. We call these components the Fictionary Story Elements of Fiction.  Our eBook shows you how to use the key elements of fiction to evaluate your story.

Learn more about writing captivating stories.

If you’d like to listen to an in-depth discussion on story editing, check out Story Edit Like A Pro.

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StoryTeller is creative editing software for fiction writers. Transform your story, not just your words. Successful stories depend on your ability to edit, improve, and revise your work. Only when you master story editing, can you master storytelling.

All 38 of Fictionary’s Key Elements Of Fiction are in StoryTeller waiting for you to apply them to your story.

Why not check out Fictionary’s StoryTeller free 14-day trial and tell powerful stories?