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Introducing Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Training

Your clients demand a comprehensive and objective edit of their manuscript.

But how does a writer know they’re going to get the edit they need and deserve? They hire a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach. Fictionary StoryCoaches have been trained to edit in a comprehensive and objective way using StoryCoach software.

You want to provide exceptional edits in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

StoryCoach is productivity software for smart editors. The new online tool for performing better structural edits in less time. By using StoryCoach along with taking this certification program, you’ll become an exceptional editor.

Check out our short video.

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You’ll have opportunities to ask questions as the StoryCoach training team are there for you every step of the way.

If you want to be a world-class story editor, you have to take this course.


You Can Help Writers Tell Powerful Stories

Hiring an editor is expensive, and it can be difficult for a writer to know who to hire. It’s a big decision and finding the right editor can seem overwhelming. So how does a writer choose an editor who will deliver the edit they need and deserve?

They hire a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach because those editors have been trained to edit in a comprehensive and objective way.

StoryCoach software helps you stay away from personal preferences and gives you perspective on the story as a whole. It gives you a way to read and edit based on high standards and objective critiques.

Being objective instead of subjective allows you to let your client’s voice shine, and this helps produce stories that give the world’s readers a diversity of choice. 

Fictionary StoryCoach Style

A Fictionary Certified StoryCoach has a positive style of coaching. You give encouragement along with critiques. Part of being a Fictionary StoryCoach means you’re teaching the writer how to edit based on what you’re showing and explaining to them.

StoryCoach ensures you’re comprehensive by ensuring you cover all Fictionary Story Elements.

You’ll give your client specific advice that tells them what to do next. Vague advice is not helpful and can leave your client confused. When you give advice, your client needs action they can take to make their story powerful.

You’ll focus on the big-picture first and then on the details. The Fictionary Story Elements give you a methodical process for both and ensure you don’t miss any key areas.

Powerful stories are created by combining creativity with intention. Your client will be amazed by the edit you deliver—you’ll be amazed how you helped your client shine.

Certification Content


Having redefined how fiction writers can write their novels with their first product StoryTeller, the team at Fictionary created StoryCoach to re-define how editors handle the full editing of a manuscript.

“There hasn’t been a new product for story editing since Microsoft Word was created in 1983. There are many tools enabling writers, but until today, there have been no tools to help story editors become exceptional,”  said Kristina Stanley, CEO and co-founder of Fictionary.


Steps to Certification


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For the first time, we can see visually where the gaps are in the story.  I’ll roll StoryCoach out to all of my editors this year,” said  FirstEditing CEO & Founder Nordstorm.





Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Training

The Fictionary StoryCoach Certification training program  helps editors deliver a comprehensive and objective editorial package using StoryCoach software.

We developed the training for two reasons.

  • The first is for fiction editors to have a place to learn how to perform a high-quality story edit, get certified, and then have a tool (StoryCoach) that helps them perform exceptional story edits.


  • The second is for writers to know they are dealing with a professional editor who understands story when they hire a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach.

For more on story coaching check out:  What is a Story Coach? and Introducing StoryCoach for Editors


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A Fictionary StoryCoach helps writers tell a powerful story and makes the writer’s voice shine! If you’re not ready to become a certified coach but need a tool to help you become an exceptional editor, try Fictionary StoryCoach for editors for free!

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Ready to become a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach? Check out Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Training.

Special Discount

If you’d like to take the training, send me (Kristina) an email at [email protected] telling me why you’d like to become a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach, and I’ll give you a discount.