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Best Online Writing Workshops: Why Choose Fictionary Live!?


Writing courses and workshops come in many different packages. Some with shiny red bows on top, guaranteeing everything under the sun, others cost as much as a down payment on a new car. As writers, we’re all in pursuit of more knowledge, whether we’re seeking to overcome writers’ block, perfect our prose, or revise a treasured draft. Courses that support us through our writing ventures are invaluable. But, how do you sort through the thousands of writing classes offered online, and how can you know if they are credible? How do you compare one class to another, and how can you be sure the class will deliver on all its grand and glistening promises?


Introducing Fictionary Live!

Fictionary Live! offers an array of live, interactive courses. Classes are taught by experienced Fictionary Certified StoryCoach editors and instructors who are motivating and inspiring. These classes are brimming with information, story theory, and instruction whether you’re coming in with a brand-new story idea, or seeking direction on final revisions. Fictionary instructors meet you where you are in the writing process and offer actionable feedback on your writing projects. 


Why Should Authors Take Writing Workshops Online?

Finding the right course for you and your goals is essential for realizing your writing power. Online workshops offer a unique environment where you can share your love of writing and ideas with other talented writers. How many times have you promised yourself you would sit down at your computer and write, only to be seized by writer’s block, or distracted by the obstacles life throws your way? Workshops keep you accountable in your writing pursuits and the promises you make to yourself.

Fictionary Live! classes give you courage to face your writing fears, whether you’re starting fresh from the first word or revising your entire manuscript. Instructors offer individual feedback and encourage class engagement. The Fictionary community is nurturing and full of kind, generous, and motivating writers and editors. You get to know the instructors through the community. They can often be found partaking in lively discussions with writers about story theory, their favorite books, and class topics. They are active members who truly care about you and your writing journey, and they want to see you grow.


3 Tips for Choosing Online Writing Programs


Tip 1: Choose a safe environment

Sharing your writing is an incredibly vulnerable experience. Arguably, the most important feature of a writing class is a place where you feel safe.  Learning in a supportive, creative space will boost your confidence and give you the freedom you need to explore your writing and reach your goals. One of my favorite things about Fictionary is their motto: kindness. When you feel safe, you will see your writing skills and creativity flourish.

Tip 2: Find instructors who care

The scariest thing about investing your time and money into an online writing class is not knowing what to expect from your instructors. What if you end up with a teacher who lacks personality, refuses to answer questions, or simply isn’t knowledgeable? Not only are Fictionary Live! instructors experienced and trained story coach editors, they also foster active participation and seek to get to know you during live sessions. They are writers too who understand the obstacles and fears involved in bringing stories to life.

Tip 3: Look for individualized feedback

Many classes offer self-guided instruction in the form of recorded webinars. This is great for writers short on time, but how can you possibly know if you’re implementing the theory correctly? What if you need help with a concept, but there is no way to get clarification? That’s money down the drain. Writing can be a very lonely process, but you shouldn’t have to do it all by yourself. Pick a workshop with opportunities for manuscript-specific feedback, where you can ask questions. Fictionary Live! instructors offer personalized advice to all writers, so that you feel confident about your next steps and how to approach improving your craft.  



What is Fictionary Live?

Fictionary Live! is a set of online workshops designed for writers looking for an affordable way to improve their writing skills and receive feedback from qualified and kind editors. Classes are offered in 6-week cycles and each focus on a different stage in the writing process. Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editors motivate, inspire, and guide a group of writers through outlining, writing, revising, and editing.  


Why Fictionary Live! is the Best Virtual Writing Workshop?

Fictionary Live! classes are free to annual subscribers, which includes access to Fictionary’s exclusive story editing software. Not only will you learn story theory that you can use for all your writing pursuits, you’ll also have a priceless tool at your fingertips that will help you unleash your writing potential. You will receive feedback on your writing from experienced editors in an interactive setting. Classes are repeated, and there are a wide range of courses to meet you wherever you are on your writing journey.


Here are just some of the writing workshops offered in Fictionary Live!:


How to Outline a Novel in 6 Weeks

Outlining a novel from page one forward is difficult for most writers. Even when you have the most amazing concept, or intriguing characters, arranging those ideas and thoughts into a structured novel is a huge challenge. It’s easy to get lost along the way, to envision your story, but when your fingers touch the keys, you end up in a completely different direction.

 Fictionary Live!’s How to Outline a Novel in 6 Weeks course guides you through the outlining process, so that you end up with a solid, strong structure. You will look at plot in an innovative way, triggering an abundance of ideas for where you can take your story. Are you a plotter or a panster? This class will suit you either way. Whether you like to plan, or write by the seat of your pants, the theory in this course enables you to plan as much or as little as you want and still have fun discovery writing and exploring your own unique voice.   


Novel Editing Part 1: Evaluate and Identify Issues

Editing your novel is a daunting task. Most of us are too close to our own work to be unbiased, fair judges of the writing we’ve produced. Even when issues are staring us straight in the face. Not to mention the question of where to start. And, how do you know when you’re finished, and the draft is truly ready?

Fictionary Live’s 6 Novel Editing Part 1: Evaluate and Identify Issues course will help you look at your manuscript objectively. You will use Fictionary’s unique software and 38 story elements as your blueprint for editing. Your instructor will guide you through a structured approach, breaking down the enormous task into an easy-to-follow process. You won’t have to question where to start or worry about missing anything important because your instructor will instill confidence in you, so you know when it’s time to step back and let your manuscript shine.


How to Write Scenes Using Deep Structure

So, you have an idea for a story, or maybe you’ve even gone so far as to outline it, but now what? How do you get started and turn those brilliant ideas into the pages of a book? Every writer has faced that same nightmare, the one where an empty white page stares back at you, and your fingers are frozen.

In  How to Write Scenes Using Deep Structure,  you will learn how to build meaningful scenes from your story ideas. Using Fictionary’s unique software, you will gain an understanding of the structure of a scene. You will explore the purpose of your scenes and learn to construct immersive scenes that captivate your readers.

Deep diving into scene elements, you will learn how to build a scene from the bottom up. Your instructor will teach you the importance of every element, how to use it for your own story, and give you the tools you need to build scenes readers love.


Novel Editing Part 2: Make your revisions and finish your book

You finished the first draft of your manuscript. Now what? Starting revisions is so intimidating, most of us are afraid to even start. Where should you begin? How will you keep track of the changes you make? Should you revise everything all at once, or one thing at a time? These questions are enough to make any writer slam their laptop shut.

 Novel Editing Part 2: Make your revisions and finish your book leads you through a specially designed Fictionary process, so you stay focused and organized. With your instructor’s guidance, you will see your manuscript through a new lens and put your revision plan into action with confidence. The revision process will be broken up into easy-to-follow steps, so that it’s manageable. It might even be…. dare I say, fun?




Best Writing Workshops FAQs


Why is Fictionary Live! One of the Best Writing Classes

Kindness is at the heart of Fictionary. The single best gift you can give yourself as a writer is a place where you feel safe exploring your writing endeavors. In Fictionary Live! you’ll see your creativity bloom through the encouragement of your writing peers and instructors. You’ll gain new perspectives that help unlock your writing and story potential. In this supportive space, you’ll grow bolder in sharing your work and receiving feedback. And, you’ll leave every class confident that you can make your writing better.


What are the benefits of Virtual Writing Workshops?

Sharing our work with others makes us braver, pushing us to move past our own limiting beliefs. Workshops can give you the confidence you need to tackle your next project and get your words down on the page. And, they’re a great place to make new writer friends, discover ideas, and find excitement in your writing.


What Makes an Online Writing Workshop Good?

A great workshop fosters a community where writers from all different perspectives and backgrounds learn from one another, uncover new ideas, and renew their writing passion. Writing workshops should be led by knowledgeable, experienced editors who inspire you, provide constructive feedback, and make you feel uplifted and prioritized as you chase your creative visions.


Conclusion: Best Online Writing Workshops

Embarking on a new adventure to improve your writing is always a little scary at first. But, when you choose a community where kindness is above all else, you have nothing to fear. So, what are you waiting for? Investing in your creativity and writing is essential to honing your craft. Maybe you’ll even feel brave enough to experiment with your writing and discover new paths you didn’t know existed before, and inspire others to do the same.


Take a FREE trial of Fictionary StoryTeller Premium to try Fictionary Live! for yourself.



Article written by Ali Bumbarger

Ali Bumbarger is a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Editor and book coach. Her favorite genres include fantasy and science fiction. She’s passionate about helping writers build their stories to their fullest potential. As an editor, she will honor your vision and artistry, while offering actionable advice to help you strengthen your unique story and create a novel readers love. Ali lives in Clearwater, Florida and is currently working on her first novel.

If you are looking for an editor to help you with your book, you can contact Ali in the Fictionary Community.