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The FIRST Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Company

We are proud to announce First Editing is the world’s first Fictionary Certified StoryCoach company!


Fictionary’s dream is to create the world’s best Story Editors. We want writers to know when they hire an editor they are getting the best.  We also want to help editors show writers they are qualified.

StoryCoach is productivity software for smart editors. By using StoryCoach along with taking the Fictionary StoryCoach Certification training, editors can become exceptional.



First Editing Certified



First Editing editors took the online training, edited an 80,000 word manuscript to prove they were qualified, and are now pro users of StoryCoach software.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing JoEllen Nordstrom, CEO and founder of First Editing, about why she decided to change the direction of her editing company.

She’s excited about helping her editors become the world’s best story editors by combining technology based on natural language processing that is designed to strengthen an editor’s skills. JoEllen combines the Certified StoryCoach program with her entire professional editing team at First Editing. First Editing will offer story editing packages offered in combination with the StoryCoach software.

So on to JoEllen…


What interested you in becoming a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach company? Gap 40px

We always want to provide our authors with the best quality and service for comprehensive Content Editing. StoryCoach is a fantastic new tool that allows us to combine an electronic, proven story outline with our professional editing expertise, so the writer has the best support for StoryCoachwriting a successful story.

StoryCoach  allows the author to more fully see and comprehend the intricate details necessary when creating their story, while it also allows our editors to go much deeper with the personal one-on-one development of a strong story arc, characters, plot, conflict resolution, and more. It’s the best of both worlds because it is more comprehensive for both the writer and the editor.
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How will this benefit your editors?
We offer a professional satisfaction guarantee to all our clients, so we choose only the best editors and the best tools for our daily work.
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We are now the First Editors fully certified with StoryCoach, so we are on the innovative side of technology. By combining our editing expertise with this online tool for fiction writers, our editors can provide a comprehensive developmental edit with full reports which display nicely for the author.
JoEllen Norstrom QUote
Meanwhile, StoryCoach ensures the writer has the long-term online support and follow-up tools to complete, understand, and learn the essential elements of writing the best version of their story. Our editors can use their knowledge to go more in depth within the 38 Fictionary Story Elements highlighted by StoryCoach.
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How will this benefit your customers?
Authors will continue to receive comprehensive content editing from professional editors with the added benefit of a very in-depth tool which allows them to see, understand, and implement all the recommended changes.
JoEllen Nordstrom Quote
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Will this change the way you operate your business?
StoryCoach allows us to expand our traditional range of content editing services by providing a structured environment to communicate more fully with our authors. We offer this service to dedicated authors prepared and committed to developing their craft to its full potential.
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Anything else you’d like to say about StoryCoach and the Fictionary Certified StoryCoach training?
I am personally invested and committed to the success of Fictionary and StoryCoach. This is very exciting! I feel StoryCoach is the natural next step in incorporating technology with traditional editing services. I love how we can bring authors into a closer relationship with their manuscript and our editors!



First Editing CEO & Founder

JoEllen Norstrom


JoEllen Nordström is First Editing’s Chief Word Wizard and host of the Publishing Power Podcast. As a National Pioneer Award winner in business, Colin co-authored her first two books as an authorpreneur in 2005.

Since then she has led her army of Professional Editors at First Editing in assisting over 35,000 writers worldwide. She loves helping others successfully publish when not escaping to the beach for sailing and surfing!




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Would you like your company to be certified by Fictionary?

Contact me and let’s talk. You can reach me a [email protected].  We have packages to train your editors with live sessions, or your editors can take the online course independently. It’s up to you.

Train all your editors to deliver consistent quality

By having all your editors perform story edits with the StoryCoach software, you’ll ensure they are delivering consistent, high quality edits every time!

Deliver Better Edits in Less Time

StoryCoach reduces editing time by creating powerful visuals through an automated analysis of a manuscript from start to finish. Insights such as the Story Arc provide a 30,000-foot view of a story and quickly highlight structural areas that need improvement. 

Try StoryCoach


StoryCoach Invention

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Check out our short video How StoryCoach Works to see StoryCoach in action and Introducing Fictionary StoryCoach Software For Editors for more detail.



Having redefined how fiction writers can write their novels with their first product StoryTeller, the team at Fictionary created StoryCoach to re-define how editors handle the full editing of a manuscript.

“There hasn’t been a new product for story editing since Microsoft Word was created in 1983. There are many tools enabling writers, but until today, there have been no tools to help story editors become exceptional,”  said Kristina Stanley, CEO and co-founder of Fictionary.