L. Cooke

As a Fictionary certified Editor, I will explore your Work-In-Progress, chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene, story-element-by-story-element. You will end up with a treasure map of sorts, full of actionable advice and a greater understanding of your Work-In-Progress.

Contact at: https://invermuse.co.uk/


Ryan Rivers Editor

Ryan Rivers

Ryan is a developmental editor, specializing in mystery and crime fiction. He’s also the author of the Bucket List Mysteries, a comedic cozy series featuring ICU nurse Sho Tanaka and former tween TV detective Levi Blue.

Contact at www.ryanriversbooks.com/editing

Sherry LeClerc Fictionary

Sherry Leclerc

An experienced author, editor, and educator, Sherry Leclerc has been teaching English and French to primary through to adult students since 2000. She became a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach in 2021

Contact at: www.sherryleclerc.com


Fictionary Certified StoryCoachAne Ryan Walker

An editor trained and certified can be a godsend for the inexperienced writer. For the experienced writer, an exceptional editor is a “must have”.

Contact at: AneRyanWalker.com


Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Jefferson Gaskin

StoryCoach Certification Training has supercharged my editing!

Contact at: FirstEditing.com


Kara Henderson Fictionary

Kara Henderson

Not is only is Kara a Fictionary Certified Story Coach, she is a content writer for Fictionary specializing in editing topics.

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Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Michael Springer

StoryCoach gives you all you need to provide a detailed and thorough developmental appraisal of any narrative.

Contact at: FirstEditing.com


Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Sacha Black

StoryCoach will give you in-depth knowledge about story from first word to final chapter.

Contact at: Sacha Black


Fictionary Certified StoryCoach

Joanne Lane

I’m a much better editor today and my clients have benefited.

Contact at: FirstEditing.com


Fictionary Certified Story Coach

Max Dade

I can say with confidence that the StoryCoach platform allows a detailed breakdown of any story.

Contact at: FirstEditing.com


Allison Itterly

Every book is unique, but any book can benefit from an edit in StoryCoach. It’s incredible what this software can do!

Contact at: FirstEditing.com



Fictionary Certified StoryCoachKristin McTiernan

If you want to blow your editing clients away with a thorough and in-depth story critique, definitely get your certification and start using this amazing program!

Contact at: FirstEditing.com

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