Your Guide to Story Editing

The  Guide is your dashboard for Fictionary. From here you can navigate through the app and finish your novel. The main sections include:

Visualize Your Manuscript
Evaluate Your Scenes
Complete Your Edit

Visualize, Evaluate, Rinse, Repeat

Fictionary helps you evaluate and edit your manuscript until you are satisfied with your story works. The Visualize page lets you see your story like never before with automated insights such as the Story Arc.

The Evaluate page helps you consider key elements of fiction for Character, Plot, and Setting on a scene-by-scene basis. As you capture information for each element, Fictionary builds out your Story Map report.

You’ll alternate between Visualize and Evaluate until you’re happy with every scene in your manuscript. When your Fictionary edit is complete, you can Export your manuscript back to Word.

Check out StoryTeller: Creative Editing Software for Fiction Writers to learn more about how to use StoryTeller.