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Introducing Fictionary StoryCoach Software For Editors

Become an Exceptional Editor

StoryCoach is productivity software for quickly completing a substantive, developmental, structural, or line edit of long-form fiction—what we call a Story Edit.

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Deliver Better Edits in Less Time

StoryCoach for editors reduces editing time by creating powerful visuals through an automated analysis of a manuscript from start to finish. Insights such as the Story Arc provide a 30,000-foot view of a story and quickly highlight structural areas that need improvement. 

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How StoryCoach Works

Within StoryCoach, you can track changes, make per line comments, write notes on a per scene basis, update the Fictionary Story Elements, and use the pre-written advice that is connected to each story element.

38 Fictionary Story Elements ensure you stay away from personal bias and are comprehensive in every edit.

When you’ve finished your edit, invite your client to review your editorial package with access to their manuscript and your feedback from their own StoryCoach Client account.

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Where You Edit

The Evaluate page within StoryCoach is where you’ll do your work. StoryCoach has organized the manuscript into chapter and scenes. 


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Having redefined how fiction writers can write and revise their novels with their first product StoryTeller, the team at Fictionary created StoryCoach to re-define how editors handle the full editing of a manuscript.

“There hasn’t been a new product for story editing since Microsoft Word was created in 1983. There are many tools enabling writers, but until today, there have been no tools to help story editors become exceptional,”  said Kristina Stanley, CEO and co-founder of Fictionary.

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Visual Insights

The Visualize page is where you’ll see insights that help you evaluate your client’s story. The Story Arc is one of 12 insights. You can even track when a character enters and exits the story.

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StoryCoach Structure

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StoryCoach Story Arc

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For the first time, we can see visually where the gaps are in the story.  All of my editors must use StoryCoach when performing a story edit,” said  FirstEditing CEO & Founder JoEllen Taylor.





Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Training

The Fictionary StoryCoach Certification training program  helps editors deliver a comprehensive and objective editorial package using StoryCoach software.

We developed this training for two reasons.

  • The first is for fiction editors to have a place to learn how to perform a high-quality story edit, get certified, and then have a tool (StoryCoach) that helps them perform exceptional story edits.


  • The second is for writers to know they are dealing with a professional editor who understands story when they hire a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach.

For more on story coaching check out:  What is a Story Coach?


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A Fictionary StoryCoach helps writers tell a powerful story and makes the writer’s voice shine! You can now try Fictionary StoryCoach for editors for free for 30 days!

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And there’s more. The Fictionary Certified StoryCoach training is available.

Do you want to become a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach? Check out Fictionary Certified StoryCoach Training.

If you’d like to take the training, send me (Kristina) an email at [email protected] telling me why you’d like to become a Fictionary Certified StoryCoach, and I’ll give you a discount.