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Welcome to Fictionary


Hi, I’m Kristina and I’m a writer just like you. I can’t wait to show you all the ways our software, courses, and community will help make your story unforgettable.

Before I show you around the software, I just wanted to extend an invitation for you to join our amazing community of over 2500 writers. You’ll find tons of writing support, events, resources, and friends. Head over there to sign up, and then come back here.

Ok, let me give you a quick tour. Below, I’ve compiled a list of the five top features that will help you tighten your story and make your manuscript shine. Each feature includes a short video so you can see it in action.


1) The Editing Journey


The Editing Journey will guide you through your edit, helping you evaluate and improve structure, tension, timelines, goals, pacing, and more.

2) The Story Arc

The Story Arc is the structure of your story and the timing of the events in that story. The simplest form of the story arc includes the inciting incident, plot point 1, the middle event, plot point 2, the climax, and the resolution.

To create a story readers love, the events must occur in a timely and sensible manner. The story arc will help you see the structure of your manuscript and decide on the best placement of the plot events.

3) Scene Naming and the Story Outline

Naming every scene in a novel gives you a goldmine of information. It’s the best-kept story editing secret. It helps you zero in on the purpose of each scene and structure your story so the pacing is strong and the reader is engaged until the last page.

4) Story Goal Tracking

For your story to be engaging, your protagonist must continuously get closer to and farther from reaching their goal. Your reader expects a rollercoaster journey where your protagonist overcomes obstacles and faces failure. Now you can easily track that journey with Fictionary.

5) Fictionary Live!

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that editing is easy. It’s not. But joining our Fictionary Live Guided Editing Courses will help you stay on track and reach the finish line.

Our amazing team of StoryCoach Certified Editors are there giving clear, practical instruction, answering questions, and keeping you motivated. It’s the very best way to guarantee a finished manuscript.

That is just a little taste of the Fictionary world.

Head to your desktop and get started.