New Year’s Resolution: Turn Your First Draft Into A Great Story

The holidays are over and maybe you’re thinking about your New Year’s resolution.

How about rewriting your novel by following the Feedback process? Spend more time on your passion and finish that awesome story. Being able to perform a structural edit on your own manuscript will ensure you create a great story readers will love.

In 2016 we kicked off our rewriting tips with:

Starting Your Story Edit With A Focus On Plot

Story Editing: Getting Your Point Of View Right

Self-Evaluating Scene Openings and Novel Structure

Self-evaluating Scene Endings and Novel Structure

Setting, Novel Structure, and Revising Your First Draft

Characters, Novel Structure, and Revising Your First Draft

In 2017, we’ll delve deeper into rewrite tips. We’ll also keep you updated on our progress with developing Fictionary and let you know when we’re ready for beta testers.

Happy Story Editing!


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