One Step Closer To Book Publication – Fictionary Finish Your Novel Contest

In April, Miriam R. Dumitira won the

2018 Fictionary Finish Your Novel contest.

A lifetime Fictionary subscription 

and a $1999 FriesenPress Publishing Path


Miriam wrote a YA fantasy novel called Silas’ Hill. She was notified in April she won the contest and joined forces with FriesenPress to have her book published. Keep reading, and you’ll find an except she’s working on with her editor. You also find quotes from the author about her experience.


Where is Miriam Now?

Miriam’s life is changing quickly. She’ll be a published author by the end of 2018. That’s not a bad holiday present.

The title of her book has changed, the images are done, and the final edits are happening. Next step copy-editing.

Stay tuned as we share the rest of her journey.


Her Book Title

Miriam is working with the professionals at FriesenPress. The publication process doesn’t just focus on the story but also on all aspects of the product, and that includes the title. Miriam decided to change the working title to better represent the story.

The old title: Silas’ Hill.

And after a grand unveiling, the new title is: Brightshade.

Now we have to wait to see what the book cover will look like.


New Illustrations – Sneak Peek

Update from Miriam (June 2018): After countless hours, several chocolate bars, a trip to Victoria, and and a bottle of orange cream soda…my novel’s illustrations are finally done!

Image courtesy Miriam Dumitra


The Editing Process

Editing update from Miriam (July 2018): Last round of editing before I send it off to my copy editor.

Image courtesy Miriam Dumitra


Five outcasts. A forgotten secret. The looming threat of war.

When her magic sparks out of control, Jenna is cast out of the Ideian university she calls home. Armed with a mysterious book that seems to promise answers, the legacy of her disgraced House, and her crutches, she embarks on a quest to learn to control her powers. She is determined to return to researching Ideon and Saint Brazen’s war-torn history but soon realizes the countries’ shaky peace may not last the summer. Little does she know there are four others whose paths are destined to cross with hers:

The innocent arsonist, willing to sacrifice lives for the thrill of the flame.

The reformed thief, torn between atonement and revenge.

The unwilling killer, weighing a chance at love against the need for control.

The idealistic soldier, forced to examine his simplistic beliefs.

Each of them carries a piece of the secret that may unlock the true mystery behind the past wars—and the war still to come.

Miriam R. Dumitra

When she isn’t writing, Miriam R. Dumitra can be found drawing, blacksmithing, contributing to theatre productions, or (currently) sitting in front of her laptop, attempting to write an author bio. Originally from Austria and Romania (and with a five-year stint spent in the Philippines), she has put her cultural and linguistic experience into practice by writing poetry, flash memoirs, and helping translate a German musical (Ruth – das Familien-Musikal) into English.

She is currently based in Victoria, Canada, where she studies during the day and—predictably—sleeps at night. Brightshade is her debut novel, with its sequel (currently titled Indobalt Blue) in the works.

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